educated and reaction

Anyway I hope to cause no offence.. but I have experienced this lately.

That there is much more of a pyschological issues with some foods ot ideas. I used to eat lots of different food.. not the best quality food but it was vegan and lots of organic vegeis and fruits.. But also white bread and sugars. I was on a candia diet and it did not help my ezcema... but I did feel asthough my body was cleaner.. all of my systems. From moving from Austarlia to Denmark I have little money to spend on such lovely raw foods. Also only sells raw things.. apart from some rare treats as food bars.

In Autstralia I would eat lots of products from Loving Earth. Great chocolate, coconut butter, nuts... but sadly they are not in denmark.

When you are educated that certain foods have fungus and such.. its a bad idea.. I couldnt eat mushrooms for nearly 1 year... now I do eat them- I dont eat raw much now. Of course if you eat nice fresh foods you will feel better.. but also when you read lots of information on something.. .and you try it .. maybe you feel really good and such. But does it mean its completely correct.

There is a huge raw food fad, its not that I dont think its a good thing.. but some of these superfoods are not soruced ethically.. travelling hundreds of miles for us to eat..

What do other people think...

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