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stretch marks...


i know, i know, i know that "beauty is more than skin deep" - but i guess i still would like to heal myself inside and out, and i don't think it's a bad thing to want that.

in any case, i am 19, a student. i am about 5'4" and 150 lbs. now, though i used to be about 110 last year. long story short, a lot happened in my life and as some sort of reaction i gained a massive amount of weight in a short period of time... so i am left with stretch marks.

but the thing is, they aren't just on my thighs, they're on my hips, the back of my knees, my waist, everywhere. i am currently working on losing the weight again through a healthy diet - mostly raw - and through exercise, yoga, hiking, etc., but i want to know: have any of you experienced intense healing of these scars/lesions? i am trying to be optimistic but i can't help but feel that even if i do manage to go back to my "old" body (which, of course, i never appreciated when i had it-- i always thought i was "too big" then, it was a problem of self-perception) then i won't be able to get rid of these stretch marks, and i'll never really want to wear shorts again...

i have also had similar problems with my skin this year - it went from being clear and perfect to very bad in a short period of time. right now, unavoidably, i am on a medication for my skin... i didn't want to but it wasn't getting better, over a long, long period of time. i have researched what exactly skin means in terms of detox, etc., and i understand how acne occurs, but the only thing that really ended up helping it was what i am doing now. but is there anything i can do about these acne scars, in addition? i just really want these pores to tighten up, i know it sounds silly but i have had such low self esteem lately... i feel as though i have damaged myself permanently, and it really hurts

so please please please, a word of advice, optimism, anything! is there anything out there that can help? juice feasting, master cleanse, i don't know.

thank you all so much for your time, you are all stars




  • Stretch marks are a sign of a zinc deficiency. If you google stretch marks and zinc deficiency you may find a little info. From what I hear taking a zinc supplement can reverse the stretch marks. When our body is low in zinc the skin can't stretch properly and this leaves the stretch marks. Foods high in zinc can help.

  • And those foods are?.. I think sunflower and pumkin seeds. are two...

    Cocoa butter is excellent for skin but this when you are pregnant, -

    Massage the areas is my suggesion, with an oil that enhances circulation - maybe rosemary?

    Looking forward to read the advice you get !

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    marta, doesn't it stink that you always take things for granted until they are gone? that's how i was with my body, too. i've gained weight and want to lose some now, too. i'd be up for doing the master cleanse with you if you want.

    about the stretch marks, i've tried creams but they haven't done anything. lately, i've been using coconut oil so i'm hoping that will help.

    with the acne, tea tree oil and jojoba oil saved my skin. tea tree oil has gotten rid of a lot of the dark acne marks i had on my face from picking at it. jojoba oil just smooths it out and it doesn't clog pores.

  • joannabanana - can you share with us your skin care routine with the tea tree oil and jojoba? I too, deal with acne and have used pharmaceuticals. I'm off the antibiotics now but still use retin-A. I'd like to go completely natural. Currently I use john masters organics face wash, at night I put on coconut oil to let it sink in, and use the retin-A in the morning (I used to do the reverse but then I'd have greasy bangs all day!) Anyway, I'd love to hear what works for you!

    Marta - when I was your age I went from about 118 up to 150, and got stretch marks all over my thighs. I didn't know about raw at the time, and I went from high carb vegetarian (a lot of pasta and cheese) to eating mostly chicken and vegetables. I started working out at my college gym maybe 3xs per week and pretty quickly went back down to around 125. I don't have a quick fix for the stretch marks, but a little sunshine will lighten them right away. Now (8 years later) I can't see mine at all. Maybe a cleanse would help you to feel like you're getting a new start? Good luck!

  • http://www.ehow.com/how_4430847_treat-acne-scars-herbs.html i found this article on the acne scars. Sounds interesting. Someone once told me that himalayan salt was good for stretch marks, but i do not know if they meant as a topical scrub or as a solution. i will probably try both methods.

  • thank you all so much for your advice... it is very helpful and i do appreciate it:)

  • anyone else?

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    maryssa, i still use a fash wash in the morning and at night. right now, i'm using Be Fine gentle skin cleanser. i'll eventually stop using face wash when my skin doesn't need it anymore. my dermatologist said to only use gentle skin cleanser because deep cleansers remove the oil. at night, immediately after i use my cleanser with warm water, i dab tea tree oil all over my face and put jojoba oil on top of it because tea tree oil alone dries my skin. the two together make my skin really beautiful and i don't have acne marks anymore. i used to pop my pimples ALL the time, but as soon as i stopped, my skin got much better.

  • Thanks, joannabanana! The rawmodel blog (www.rawmodel.com) had a recent post with acne advice. It advised using a spice mix of tumeric, cumin, and something else. I've read elsewhere that curcumin in tumeric can have the capacity to "straighten out" cells, so it would make sense that it would be good for skin. It also recommends tea tree oil.

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Marta~ I really wish there were better news about stretch marks but there really isnt. There hasnt been any big breakthrough or miracle cream that do the trick. If they are mild enough they may fade enough to not bother you to much but if they are deep then you could be facing a problem. I got them REALLY bad when I had my daughter 9 years ago and they still look the same. My only other option for me is plastic surgery. If I get a tummy tuck they can actually remove a majority of them. It is something that has bothered me for 9 years and its the most frustrating feeling. I cant even afford plastic surgery so its probably something I'll be stuck with for the rest of my life. Ugh.

  • joannabanana-

    would you be interested in starting a cleanse on April 9th with me? I've been wanting to give it another go and would love to have a buddy!!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    erica, i would love to!! i tried to do the master cleanse yesterday and was having a lot of trouble with it. i usually do juice cleanses and feel much better with those. i've never had somebody to do one with so sure!! what kind of cleanse are you interested in?

  • I was thinking the master cleanse, but could be open to incorporating some green smoothies (I don't have a juicer or else I would do full on juice feast). I've done the mc before and made it 10 days and loved the results. It is quite a challenge though, I found, as I love preparing and playing with food and it was hard to stay away from it for 10 days. I has success with it however and was hoping to do another round. Whadya say?

  • Hi! Okay...I felt compelled to find this thread again because I have noticed MAJOR improvement in my stretchmarks since taking MSM. It is ca-razy, and I am totally shocked! I also have been drinking a ton of green juice everyday, but I have been doing that for awhile now. I really think the MSM makes the difference. I've heard MSM cream helps too, but I have just been using coconut oil (which I have also heard is good for stretch marks). I've also been dry brushing in small, circular motions over the area.

    My stretch marks are all over my breasts, and they have been a source of insecurity for the past ten years. I tried everything - including laser surgery from one of the top dermatologists in the U.S. You name it, I tried it! They are barely visible and I can barely feel them now...in a matter of weeks. Raw food and MSM! Has anyone else had similar results with MSM?

  • I too have heard a lot of good on msm and stretch marks. I think it's worth looking into.

  • I ve been taking MSM for ages, but no results! I intend on continuing, but I need to try other options,too.

    Which Zinc supplement would you recommend???

  • Hmm...sorry it didn't work for you Mila. The only thing that made a difference for mine other than MSM and lasers was this method I found online. If you are consistent with it, it really does work. It is called "The Stretchmark Cure." I think this Chinese woman had bad stretch marks after pregnancy and came up with the method. It did improve mine and tighten the skin. You basically use a massage tool with the little wooden pegs that you hold in your hand and a loofah. Then you use a grainy exfoliant, aloe vera and a bit of oil (vitamin e, olive oil, etc.). The process she describes and the waiting times in-between the treatments simulate the action of laser therapy, but you have more control over the process because you do it at home. I think it works just as well as lasers if you are patient and have the time to devote to the process. I think the booklet with the instructions is about 20 dollars. I think this is why people notice a slight improvement with dry-brushing too...I do the area of my stretch marks in small circles.

    Did you take the MSM with a vitamin C supplement? I know that vitamin C is necessary in conjunction for collagen restructuring. Are you taking the pill? I know the pill was a big contributor to mine. As far as zinc is concerned, I tried some zinc supplements, but they really upset my stomach. I eat pumpkin seeds and nut butter a lot, which also help with anxiety...there is always a connection between everything it seems....

  • Heloise, thanks!

    At forst I took MSM on it's own, then in lemon water first thing in the morning and then in lemon water and with a Vit-C supplement.

    I intend on continuing, but I do not feel I can rely on it...I might try the laser thing (on one area- I have loads of strech mark, and mostly they do not bother me, but these are at the back of my knees=visible!).

    I have also stopped skin-brushing- have to start again!

  • having a lot of cucumbers both whole and in juice form helps. mychelle is greaaat for acne, pharmaceutical stuff didn't even work for me when that brand of cleansers did. also, dry skin brushing is supposed to do wonders for things like stretch marks.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Your stretch-marks and acne scars are probably caused by low zinc. Most people (even meat eaters) are low in Zinc. I think you should try to eat more foods containing zinc (probably supplement too), and take msm as everyone else mentioned. Never forget that water is your friend!

  • get a dry skin brush. brush your whole body in upward motions. Over your marks a few times. then take a hot shower. dont use soup.

    when u get out quickly pat dry and rub a good vitamin E oil into your stretch marks deeply.

    doing this everyday, turned my dark red stretch marks into flesh tone in 5 days.

    after 2 weeks i noticed there had gotten thicker.

    but then i got lazy and stopped. im finally getting back into the groove now so i think i will start doing it again.

  • also take MSM. I just got myself some of that.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I had some pretty ugly stretch marks on the sides of my waist and my breasts. Since going low fat raw vegan and losing about 15 pounds, the marks have visibly been reduced. You can still see them, but just barely.

    They just look like little scars. They aren't even bumpy anymore! :)



  • hey, are you guys still interested in a natural easy cure for stretch marks. let me know, because I have one. Just don't feel like writing it all out if no one is going to read it. :) Sorry.

  • From my column BestInYou, these natural solutions worked miracles from my troubled skin


  • Hi,

    I had similar problem about stretch mark too. Used to be overweight and with the help of exercise have lose 20 lbs. That is the best part, but the worst thing is stretch mark appears in my skin.

    A friend of mine advise me to buy creams online and they really work!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    keeping the elasticity aspect of your skin in top condition is the best way, supplementing with silica is a good start. The best silica supplement is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth powder which is the richest source of silica.

    eating a diet rich in vitamin c and/or taking a rich natural vitamin c supplement such as amla berry is a good idea.


  • I know this isn't a very 'crunchy' answer but the avon stretch mark remover really worked for me and was inexpensive, really worked, the sooner you do somethiing the better!

  • I have had some good results so far with skin brushing (almost every day), loofah gloves (when showering), msm internally, shea butter and msm, glucosamine, chondroitin (has copper and zinc in it too) cream externally. All of this, in addition to a mostly raw diet with somewhat regular green juice fasts. I should have taken some before and after shots, but I didn't. I guess I could start taking them now. It has taken about a month but my overall skin texture has improved greatly, even more so over a year or more of healthy eating. I don't know how much the cream and shea butter help, but I'm thinking it is more of an internal cleansing that is making the difference. When I went 100% raw for a few months I noticed people start telling me that I had beautiful skin. I get these compliments a lot now. I guess the thing to realize is that this stuff takes time. There is weight loss, toning from exercise, good diet, external skin care, supplements, meditation or mind body practice etc....it is a long process and not some quick fix.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited December 2020

    "I guess the thing to realize is that this stuff takes time. There is weight loss, toning from exercise, good diet, external skin care, supplements, meditation or mind body practice etc....it is a long process and not some quick fix."

    Yep, you're exactly right rawzels. Pretty much everyone sees some kind of benefit almost immediately, but things continue to improve gradually for years afterward.

    I had someone compliment me on my skin a few days ago. Somehow it got on the topic of makeup so I told him I don't wear any. He was really surprised because he said my complexion was so nice. I used to have these awful little red bumps on my face and upper arms that were still hanging around before going raw so that was really nice to hear! :D


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