Been two years since I have been on!

Wow, the site has changed so much! It has been about 2 years since I last logged in. I have the same name that I did when I was on in 2006. Everything looks great. I love the look of the site. It has grown so much since then. The only names I remember is of course Kandace, mangomom, omshanti and someone with the name of that Japanese stinky fruit. Since then, I have moved from TN to KS and had a baby. Maybe now I can settle back in and introduce the baby to the great foods we eat.


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    Welcome back RAWmen Noodles. Yeap, a lot has changed. Kandace and Ray have done an awesome job with the site. They even added a "Family" forum several weeks ago. If you haven't already, you might want to browse there. And a raw baby . . . how exciting, and healthy. Good luck on your journey.

    EDIT: I just noticed that you opened a new account. If you would like to use your old account with your recipes and stuff, and are having trouble getting a new password, you could send Kandace an email. She usually responds fairly quickly. However, she's expecting her first baby any day now, so it might take a little while for her to answer. Here's her email address: (kandace at

  • Oh wow, Kandace is having a baby!? My baby is 9 months old. Too bad they could not have been born closer together. I know Kandace would have some great baby food ideas. Right now I am kinda struggling on what to give her besides breastmilk. She is starting to bite (ouch). I spent hours on the site just browsing and looking. IT IS GREAT! WOW! I did not have anything in that old account. I love the picture of your dog!

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    If you baby bites when nursing, pull their head towards you, into your breast area, and your baby should release quickly. I know first response is to pull away, but instead pull your baby's head into you. Hope this works for you, it had for me years ago :)

    Gabriel Cousens has info for feeding children first foods in one of his cookbooks, and there is also another book called Baby Greens by Michaela Lynn, Michael Chrisemer, Gabriel Cousens. Also there is a book on for raising raw babies. I know that Brian Clement from Hippocrates Institute said that babies shouldn't eat until they have all of their teeth, and I remember reading somewhere that when all of the teeth are in, the pancreas (I believe) is ready for foods, but not until that point. You could always try some fresh juices diluted with at least 50% water, but not more than 4 oz. per day and start slowly. The Juiceman has some great advice on starting his children on juices first after breast milk. Do you have any of his books? Also, avoid nuts and seeds until a lot older, and that includes nut miiks, until a few years old (again Brian Clement). That's what I remember :)

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    It's been a while (33 years) since I had a nursing baby, but when they started nipping, I inserted my little finger in the corner of their mouth to break the suction. They always turned loose. Then I removed them from the breast. The message was clear . . . when you bite mama, mealtime ends, immediately. Both learned fairly quickly to not play that game.

    We were not raw back then, but I never bought baby food, ever. I cooked fresh vegetables, etc. without seasoning. Then I blended / mashed it for the child. The adults seasoned their food at the table. I also made and froze a lot of baby foods. Fruits were easier . . . just blend or mash. The sound of a blender still brings my boys to the kitchen to see what is going on. (Reminiscent of psych 101 and Pavlov)

    The site is fabulous, isn't it? I've really had a good time learning my way around since the upgrades. The pooch is a long haired chihuahua, who probably doesn't know he's a dog. Just got his summer clip yesterday. Once he starts shedding, it's time to clip. We did a modified schnauzer clip this time. He's pretty cute. I may take a pic and change this one out for a while.

  • I do not have any of his books but it makes for a great field trip to the book store. I just want to start her off on the right track. I think that her body should be focusing on growing and not detoxing the chemicals that I put in there from store bought foods. I have hada rough time steaming veggies all the time and trying to keep things interesting for her.

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