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I will be visiting DC in a few weeks and I have some questions.

I have been to DC a few times since being vegan but not since eating raw. I know about Java Green in DC and that there are some Whole Foods. Other than that I know nothing! I will be staying with my sister in Alexandria and she has fairly good kitchen equipment (blender, food processor) so I will be OK there. But I want to find a place in Alexandria where I can get juice. I also want to know some raw-friendly restaurants in Alexandria and DC (other than Java green). Does MOM's have good raw stuff?


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    Bitt, I did an Advanced Search for "Alexandria DC Washington" and got quite an assortment of threads. I know not all of them will have precisely what you are looking for, but for what it's worth, here's the link:

    http://www.goneraw.com/search/node/type:forum Alexandria OR DC OR Washington -state

  • I shop at MOMs (the one in Rockville, Maryland). They do stock some raw prepared foods--they tend to be dehydrator things--Raw Breakfast Crusts (what I have for breakfast every day), some 'raw tempura' and so on. They do stock some living (fermented) sauerkraut, grated beets, etc. They don't have a juice bar, at least the one at Rockville doesn't. They have good produce and that is the vast majority of what I buy-however, if you are a Thai coconut person, MOM doesn't stock them (at least in Rockville). There is at least one Whole Foods in Alexandria--you could go there for juice.

    There are darn few raw-friendly restaurants in the DC area aside from Java Green.

    There are some cafes--Senbeb up by where I live (NW DC/Takoma Park), and Everlasting Life Cafe (Georgia Avenue). These places are pretty much carryouts and they are not 100% raw. The chef at Senbeb, Khepra Anu, is an awesome person and I like his raw creations a lot. It is completely inconvenient for you in Alexandria, though. If you were to go there, I would definitely call ahead and have something set aside--you wouldn't want to go all that way only to find that the raw stuff was sold out. Senbeb is metro-accessible--about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Takoma Metro (red line). Definitely call ahead if you're planning to check it out--you might also ask Khepra to whack open a fresh young coconut for you. He sells coconut water that he drains from the coconuts and puts in plastic jugs.

    There is a juice bar in downtown DC:


    I've been there several times. The juice is really good (they make wheatgrass juice too). It's not far from the Farragut North metro stop (red line).

    Here's a link from Happy Cow about DC veg. restaurants:


    The DC area is just not the greatest for dining out if you want raw food.

    If you will be here on April 20, and if you have access to a car and don't mind a long drive, check this out:


    I've eaten at Great Sage (before going raw). The food is really good, and I am sure the raw dinner will be very good indeed.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Does the Whole Foods have a juice bar? Ours in Seattle doesn't always, depends on where you go.

    Thanks for all the info!

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