My coconut oil lost its fragrance and taste

I have a question, I bought some coconut oil/butter a bout a week ago. I went to use it to make some chocolate oatmeal almond butter no bake cookies and it did not have that pleasing coconut smell. It did not smell rancid or anything but it does not have taste either. Is it bad? Does it still have its healthy properties? I have always purchased this brand of coconut oil and have never had problems. I store it in a nice cool dark place like suggested. I can live without the smell and taste but I want it to still have its healthy qualities. What happened to it? What does it mean?


  • I found out the reason why it has not scent. I am a big dork is why. I always get the UNREFINED coconut oil and some how I grabbed the refined cocomut oil. refined coconut oil does not have a scent or flavor so that it can be used in a variety of other applications but the nutrition and benefits is still the same. UNREFINED keeps its scent and flavor. So the one I have is still good for me.

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