4th leading cause of Death USA!

Excuse the commercial at the beginning. (Although if it's the Charmin one I did think it was kinda funny.) anyway... ABC News!

Video - Click Here! or copy the following address into your browser...


It's official! Quit looking to Medicine for health.




  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie

    It's nice that this information finally is getting mainstream media attention.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Can you tell us what it is?

    Some don't click on links w/o knowing the content. :) Me included!

  • The link is safe! Its a Good Morning America piece regarding a book titled, Why Hospitals Should Fly. Its a discussion about the safetly in hospitals nowadays and how something like, 260 deaths a day are a result of medical mistakes. Medical Mistakes are the 4th leading cause of death in the US and they say that hospitals should be run like an airplane, ie; instead of an hierarchal system, it should be more like team work.

    I'm in nursing school at the moment and this piece just makes me realize that I have so much to look forward to. :(

  • Great piece of information, thanks Chris for sharing!!! :}

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    This link includes the broadcast AND a 5 page excerpt from John Nance's book, "Why Hospitals Should Fly". You can also access comments to the book, the majority of which come from people in the medical profession. Very enlightening.

    Chris, thanks for sharing.


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