blockages? starch?

Something is sending my insides crazy and I just CANT figure out what/why it is so was wondering if anyone has any ideas because its just making me limit my diet more and more when I want to be expanding it!!

I generally eat loads of fresh fruits, green smoothies, veggies and a few nuts and seeds and when I'm getting it right I feel AMAZING, so much energy and my insides feel so clean and lovely and I feel light and connected to the world, I have an appetite and eat lots of nice raw food. But then I'll eat something and it'll give me a big kind of internal blockage, I feel it at the front of my belly it feels kind of hard theres concrete in it. Then I don't feel like eating (which is no good for me because I'm waay underweight and trying to put some on which I feel good about when I have an appetite and can munch away to my hearts content but because this happens it keeps going down again because I want to avoid food so much). Then I feel really constipated and can't poo for ages even though I can feel it sitting there in my colon (sorry if thats tmi) and I start to feel generally crappy and awful and want to give up on raw altogether... then after a couple days of eating simple fresh foods and green smoothies it'll move along and I'll have a day where I'm literally in the loo all day and emerge feeling brilliant.

So I just want to stop eating whatever it is that does this but i can't work it out.

First I thought it was sprouted quinoa after having it for breakfast a few times and getting the same thing. I cut that out.

Then I had some sprouted wheat bread which wasn't raw and got the same thing so cut out grains.

Then I had some flax and sunflower bread. This felt particularly bad. Bye bye flax.

Then at easter I had some cooked split peas which actually made my stomach bubble and go crazy. Not that I really eat cooked beans or legumes anyway but I felt a bit sad that maybe that was what was causing it.

Then last week I hadn't had anything vastly different to what I had been eating but made some potato chips in the dehydrator and had some parsnips that had been marinated in ACV. And it made me realise I had been eating cooked potato on occasion around the time I had the problem I blamed on the flax and also when I had the split peas.

So now I'm wondering if it is the starch which is doing this from the potato and the grains? I may have wrongly blamed the flax whcih could have been pushing it all along (flax is good for getting things moving isn't it?) Is starch known for doing this? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

Also, I'm a bit sad at the idea of giving up starches mainly because they have lots of calories and I need calories right now and like them to come from lots of different places (Im going to experiment more with high fruit/higher fat etc. when I actually have enough fat and weight on my body to feel healthy). If I was to juice a potato or sweet potato would that have the same effect or not (sorry if thats a dumb question, I'm new to juicing...)

So any advice/similar experiences would be gratefully accepted so I can try and pinpoint whats going on. ATM I am eating what I know makes me feel good for a week or so then introducing ONE thing to see how that affects me. But I'm impatient and want to know lol

Thanks :-)

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