Anyone know any good birthday cheesecake, pie, or cake recipe?

It's almost my b-day, and I'm not sure yet what kind of cheesecake, pie, or cake I'm going to make. There is so many good looking recipes here on gone raw, but I'm not sure what to choose =) Anyone have any ideas?


  • I just made my first pie! I made Ani Phyo's apple pie - the recipe is in her archives and there is a video of her making it on some news show. It turned out great - my BF doesn't like desserts and he has like "this is REALLY good!!!" I used currents instead of raisins and I little less cinnamon. I think my pan was shallower than hers or something. I also put on a "crumb topping" I had photocopied from a book (I don't know what author). If you are interested I will tell you the crumb topping recipe. I think it's Joyce on here that is a fancy dessert machine. You should ask her too! I think it is she who has a yummy dessert blog - I am sure someone can clarify! There was some other lady's blog that had a lot of desserts that they made with a friend - I will poke around. But the apple pie was good and easy and not a bunch of young coconut or macadamia or thickening agent, which I am sure would make an impressive dessert, but I am to timid (or maybe just lazy!) Happy Birthday!

  • This gal makes a lot of cute look-a-likes:

    You will have to scan a lot but I have seen fancy cakes and such here:

    here is Joyce Her cat is awesome (you should totally ask her what her fav is):

    And this is a blog list I bookmarked

    I think Joyce may be your best bet!

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie


    Yup, I love making raw desserts :-) And what a lovely way to celebrate your B-day by making a raw cake. I made Cafe Gratitude's tiramisu cake for my b-day back in March.

    Here's my dessert photo album and blog

    Here's Heathy Pace's blog. She's the queen of raw desserts and has a lovely e-book for sale on her blog.

    Carmella Soleil also has a wealth of dessert recipes on her blog and these are also wonderful too

    Here's a recipe for a white chocolate strawberry cheesecake by Vanessa Sherwood. I made this and it was divine! I did use coconut butter by Artisana but i hear coconut oil works fine too.

    Here's a link where you can view all dessert recipes posted in the Raw Freedom Community. Another great resouce:

    Let us know what you decide to make. There are so many gems out there for recipes. :-)

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Hi Sid23, I think we posted at the same time :-)

    Wow, I'm not sure what my favorite is. So many good recipes! If you go onto the Raw Freedom Community, there's an e-book you can obtain by making a donation. It's totally worth it and has some gorgeous desserts. One of my favorites is her Chocolate Hazelnut cream pie! OMG it's amazing. I served it at an xmas dinner and later at a potluck and it got rave reviews. Everyone wanted the recipe.

    Sweet Gratitude is a book I totally recommend for raw desserts. If you don't mind coffee, their cappuccino pie is to die for. (but be careful with the caffeine, ikes!). Oh and Heathy's white choc orange cake is another winner. That's in her dessert e-book.

  • ani phyo's raw cheezecake is amazing too. just throw in some strawberries, blueberries or rasberries for some amazing flavours......

    not sure if the recipe is on here or not. might be on you tube or her site....

  • Ooooh, all of these sound awesome! Thank you for all the help! I'll have to go through it and really decide, they all sound so good. I'll let you know what I make!

  • Haha! I know what you mean! Raw dessert taste soooo much better than cooked =)

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    oooh, yes I second Ani's cheesecake. It's a lovely recipe and all the ingredients are easily found in a health food store or co-op. And sdnulty's suggestion to add fruit sounds great!!

    Ani just came out with a new raw dessert book!!! I ordered it from Amazon and I'm eagerly waiting for it's arrival :-)

    I'm just a crazy dessert making freak these days. Can't get enough!! Traditional desserts with white flour, sugar, dairy and eggs have never agreed with me. So all the years of deprivation have led me to this great love affair with raw vegan desserts. Cashews and coconut oil seem to be my newest best friends in the raw culinary world these days ;-)

    Raw food rocks!! :-D



  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    PS - Cranberry, your kitty pic is so cute. I love all the different animal photos people have of their beloved companions on this website :-)

    Yes, do let us know what you make. Give us all the juicy details!! :-D

    Have a great weekend!


  • Thank you Joyce, your cat is cute too!

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