Interstitial cystitis - frequent urination problems - help!!

i have always had issues with frequent urination. ever since i can remember it has been a problem for me and as a kid i was given many tests but no one could figure out what was wrong. i did some research and started to read about interstitial cystitis and thought that is fit my symptoms. i am just wondering if anyone here has this or has issues with frequent urination. i am desperate to find a way to help myself because i think it might be getting a little worse. so far i have read that calcium citrate, bromelain, quercetin and gotu kola may be of some help. if anyone has any advice, personal experiences or suggestions i appreciate it. this is a very frustrating thing to deal with on a daily basis. honestly it scares me a bit because i have no idea whats going on and the "medical world" has no explanations, cures or ideas of why it happens or what it is and its very hard to even diagnose. thanks in advance!


  • It could be cystitis but.... frequent urination is a symptom for alot of disorders unfortunately. Also depending on what type of stone you have you would need to change your diet according to that specific type. Other reasons could be metabolic problems, its a symptom of diabetes, cancer, or could be bladder or vaginal muscle tone issues, narrowed urethra, the list goes on depending on your medical history. Have you had a urinalysis, bladder scan, Ultrasound or anything like that? medical, family history? One thing you can do thats easy and everyone should do is Kegel exercises. They help for almost all the different types of urinary urgency and bowel control. Look up it up (sort of descriptive so i rather not explain here) and try to do it everyday and you hopefully will see some results in a month or so with changes. Goodluck.

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    I'm all for Kegel exercises. They help with EVERYTHING. Whether it's frequent urination, sexual satisfaction or just plain control.

  • I have not had a life long problem with this, but for a year now. I found taking the herb marshmallow before having intercourse will help protect the bladder from letting the bacteria latch on and take hold. Also I take a supplement from Natures Sunshine called Silver Shield, it works wonders! I take it after intercourse as well as whenever I get that "feeling" that my bladder is acting up. I also take Uva Ursi and Dandelion from Natures Sunshine as well (the marshmallow is from that brand too). I will try to explain my routine so it's not so confusing for you, it has been very successeful for me, I have not had an infection since December of last year!

    I use the marshmallow (about 3 capsules) before my hunny and I get intimate

    then after the fun, I take a tsp. of the Silver Shield (this is the liquid not the gel) and 3 cap. of the Dandelion and also the Uva Ursi- this kills the bacteria and helps keep the urine moving to flush out the bacteria

    I continue doing this (not the marshmallow) the next morning and evening (with the silver sheild, dandelion and uva ursi) and for about 3 days total, more if needed. ( you do not want to take uva ursi more than 7 days in a row, not sure why but that is what I read)

    On any regular day I will take some silver shield if I feel that "feeling" that my bladder is acting up and I am usually just fine after that. I take dandelion as often as I want, it's totally safe and it helps keep the urine flowing properly.

    Try to keep your sugar intake to a small amount on the weekends, if you do eat sugar take some silver shield right after it will really help.

    I hope I have not got you completely confused here! This works for me quite well!


  • thank you so much guys!! i really appreciate all the advice and information. i am totally going to look into the kegal exercises! i have wondered if doing that would help. and mckenziepartyof5 is the silver shield a type of colloidal silver?

    thank you again!!

  • Yes, it is a nano particle silver, much more effective than colloidal silver, it is not toxic, you could drink the whole bottle and be just fine. It leaves the body after 24 hrs, but boy does it kill the bad stuff! Here is the Natures Sunshine website, they have excellent quality herbal products!


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    The marshmallow capsules, what exactly do they do? I grow marshmallow but didn't know it was medicinal.

  • I read someone describe it like this, the marshmallow slime the bladder so that the bacteria cannot latch on.

    I hope that helps, someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am no medical doctor, but I was suffering from IC and purchased some books on how to take care of it, my routine is based on the information I gathered.

    Just in case there is any confusion, the marshmallow that I am talking about is an herb not the fluffy, white pillows of corn syrup ; )


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    I wonder if you can eat the plant and get the same results.'d probably have to eat alot though

  • I have no idea how you would use the actual plant, you might want to do a google search.

    Just out of curiosity, why are you growing marshmallow?


  • here is a quick little blurb i gathered off an informational site on marshmallow. and it says you can use the marshmallow root to make a tea (last paragraph)

    Internal use

    * Marshmallow leaf is used internally to treat inflammation and ulceration of the digestive tract, oral and pharyngeal mucosa with associated dry cough. It relieves irritation of the mucus membranes of the mouth, throat and gastrointestinal tract and helps with respiratory complaints including bronchitis and asthma.

    * The polysaccharides form a protective film over inflamed and irritated mucosal tissue.

    * The root is of value to treat cystitis and hiatus hernia.

    Both the root and the leaf of the marshmallow plant contain a substance known as mucilate, a mucusy substance that does not dissolve in water. It is this substance that causes marshmallow to swell up and become slippery when wet.

    A recommended dose of marshmallow is 1 1/-4 teaspoons (6 grams) of the root per day. Marshmallow can be prepared as a tea to be taken 5 times a day. Herbal extracts in capsule and tablet form providing 5-6 grams of marshmallow per day can also be used, or it may be taken as a tincture-1-3 teaspoons (5-15 ml) three times daily.

  • Great info on the marshmallow houx! I also want to say that since going gluten free, I have had even less problems with my bladder, you might want to go off the gluten for a couple of weeks and see what happens for you.


  • Also today I am starting the Master Cleanse, and I have high hopes it will benefit my bladder even more. I know it maybe too much to expect a completely healed bladder by the time I finish this cleanse but you never know...

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    mckenzie- I grow many many herbs and not all of them do I know the medicinal value. I'm always intrigued when I hear something new! It's hard for me not to get an herb when I see it. hehe

  • (mckenzie)

    i actually do avoid gluten pretty consistently. every now and then i will have something, but for the most part i tend to avoid it. i have felt better off of it, but i am not sure if i noticed a change with my bladder. let me know about the master cleanse and how that affects you. i have really been wanting to do a cleanse but i am not sure what route to take. i will be very interested to hear how it goes for you!!

  • I am on Day 2 today, and so far not doing too bad, my tongue is coated with green and yellow yuck and I have bad breath. Yesterday I felt a bit sick to my stomach in the evening and did have a little headach before bed. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be big detox days and to that I say bring it on, I want the toxins out!

    I will post how I am feeling and doing when I am finished, i will try to ride it out till my tongue turns pink.

  • good job on the cleanse i have done it and you really do feel better when you are done. The first few days are the hardest part.

  • yay! you can do it! i am going to be on vacation for a week and when i get back i will check to see your updates!!

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