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Well Guys, we all may have a great problem!!!

I received a phone call today from my local supplier of raw seeds and nuts... He stated that he received a call from his supplier of raw seeds and nuts thanking him for his continued business since 1954... The supplier said that he was sorry but due to new and stiffer Government regulations, they would only be supplying roasted with or without salt... OMG, No more raw seeds and nuts being shipped to my local supplier!!!

I have written to President Obama and Secretary Vilsack requesting help...

I believe each and everyone of us need to send a note to them, to try and stop this nonsense... Since we are small in number, it will take us all to make a dent into the importance of US having the right to choose to consume RAW seeds, nuts and clean organic fruits and veggies... Please take the time to write your note and email it to....


subject: Raw Food availability should be High Priority!!!

Dear President Obama and Secretary Vilsack,

Yada yada yada ( your own words) So important as this is going to effect all of us sooner or later if we let it....

Thank you for taking the time to care and taking a stand to speak out!!!

Edit~ See window #9 for my letter example and see window #10 for new correct address to send your letters... smile



  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Thank you, Waterbaby, for making us aware. This is scary to say the least.

    OK gang. It looks like the ball is now in OUR COURT. If you value access to quality raw food, NOW is the TIME to make your voice heard.

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    I can't find the details on the internet - have regulations already been passed (as it sounds) or is it soon to come? Does anyone have more information on this??

  • This info may help you decide to get involved and write... Sorry it is so long, but worth the read... If we sit back, the devil will be in control of our available food choices... If you're new (Monsanto=The Devil)!!!

    "Former Monsanto Lawyer Michael Taylor & the White House Food Safety Working Group

    In a recent issue of Bytes, we alerted you that former Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor, who has been serving on President Obama's Department of Agriculture Transition Team, was "the leading candidate to staff the White House food safety working group." Michael Taylor, who now promotes himself as a food safety expert, is a lawyer whose accomplishments include shepherding Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone rBGH through Clinton's FDA as the Deputy Administrator for Policy.

    Alexis Baden-Mayer, OCA's Political Director, attended the Food Safety Working Group's Listening Session in Washington, DC, on May 13th, 2009. Here's her report: If Michael Taylor was in the room, I didn't see him, but it's too soon to declare victory. We should keep reminding Secretary Vilsack, who chairs the working group, that we don't want Michael Taylor or any other former corporate lobbyists to be involved in crafting the government response to food safety.

    I had an interesting conversation with Bryce Quick, Deputy Administrator for the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service since 2005, who greeted me by saying, "Organic, oh we're going to have problems with you!" He claimed to have visited an organic farm in Latin America several years ago that had major food safety issues although he wasn't sure if it was actually certified.

    When the meeting broke into small groups to craft policy "themes" it was clear that the conversation wasn't going to get too deep, I was placed in a group tasked with developing ways to "Allocate Resources Efficiently." I managed to get the group to find consensus around the idea that food safety solutions need to be scale appropriate, as regulations created for factory farms aren't going to be appropriate for small and micro producers who sell direct to consumers.

    What would you like Secretary Vilsack to know about food safety?

    Tell him"

    Source: Organic Consumers Association~ www.organicconsumers.org ( news letter 174 )

  • If you don't mind, please let me know that you are writing a letter to our President for his help with our food supply...

    Today it's seeds and nuts tomorrow it may be kale, spinach, onions or garlic... Who knows what will happen if we just go on about our business of existing rather than living in the moment...

    Thank YOU!!!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I don't know if it was here or not, but I read some stores irradiate all produce now.....I guess I still buy it. But I'm more mindful now and try to go to small markets or the little stands with the independent guys. :/

    Thanks for the alert.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I know for sure that Trader Joes irradiates everything that comes from Mexico, costa rica, pretty much anything out of US

    THanks Waterbaby our email is on the way!

  • Just received this note with new information....

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for your message. On behalf of President Obama, we appreciate hearing from you. The President has promised the most transparent administration in history, and we're committed to listening to and responding to you.

    In order to better handle the millions of electronic messages we're receiving and respond more quickly, we've implemented a new contact form on our website:


    Please note that this web form has replaced comments@whitehouse.gov. That email address is no longer monitored, so we encourage you to resubmit your message through the link above. Thank you for using the web form and helping us improve communications with you.


    The Presidential Correspondence Team

  • Thank you waterbaby,

    I just sent your copy and pasted letter to the new url you put up. Lets hope this can be stopped!!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Waterbaby, thanks for the new link. My letter is on the way.

  • waterbaby- thanks for the link. i wrote to the whitehouse.

  • I sent my two cents in.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Thanks for the info, waterbaby! Scary not knowing what's up- do you have any idea what regulations they were referring to?

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    waterbaby that was a great letter, both my mom and i sent similar ones! :)

  • Do you think that Canadian letters to Obama would help at all?

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    I think letters from Canada would have a great impact!

    I'm doing mine today, too (but in the states). It's frightening to think that something so simple, good and pure can be taken away so easily...

    Waterbaby, you've done a great job bringing this to our attention. Are people talking about this on other sites too?

  • Just sent a letter from the UK registering my concern as a global citizen :)

    I mentioned the horror of the recent rise in suicides amongst Indian farmers sold the Monsanto terminator seeds too. Did any of you read about this, so sad.

    love xxx

  • Just wanted to make sure all of you get a chance to respond... smile

  • I just sent in 4 letters from my different accounts and I am going to print one and mail it in. Every little bit counts I hope! Maybe I will do it everyday!

  • RAWmen_Noodles~ YOU are just too wonderful, THANK YOU!!!

  • Pixx~ I wish I knew, unfortunately I don't have any idea what caused a 55 yr old account to be stopped...

    Mikfizzle~ Thank you!!! Be sure to tell your mom I said thanks too for getting involved!!!

  • Aprilsmiles~ wonderful and thank you for taking the time.... smile

  • Thank you Sheik, isn't it fun to take a stand and speak up... smile

  • MacANoogie~ As far as the this supplier is concerned, it is a done deal as they are NOT going to deal with the Government regulations... Personally, I don't know if the regulations are now in effect or going to be soon..... Don't forget my local store has been purchasing raw seeds and nuts since 1954, but no more due to our Government regulations...

  • YOU, superfood2~ are most welcome!!!

    It is my understanding that the irradiation has not yet begun... YOU are right to support the local stands and independent markets to get the best available... smile

  • Thank YOU Vegan2raw~

    Here is a copy of my letter, feel free to copy and sign it if you don't have the time to construct your own message... And yes I did sign and provide my full name and address and phone number on my email...

    Dear President Obama and Secretary Vilsack:

    Please, we the American people need your help. My local food store informed me today that their supplier of raw seed and nuts, The **** Company, will NO longer be able to provide raw products as a result of government regulation. Our government has become so intrusive and the regulations so over protective that this and other companies are now afraid to supply raw products. I find this quite distressing.

    Nuts and seeds are a major source of protein for many people. We choose to not eat animals that have been subjected to horrendous living conditions, shot up with drugs, hormones and steroids and are fed pesticides and herbicides. We do not wish to ingest chemicals that are detrimental to healthy living. If you examine the facts, you will find that the food quality issues have been centered on companies that process food, not on the raw products themselves.

    I am a raw vegan foodie, and my personal rights to choose proper nutrition are being violated. I believe that true health is dependent on the whole foods we eat. Our Health Care system, in crisis because most Americans don't know how to eat a balanced diet, would be less stressed if we consumed more of the whole foods that God provides to us. Instead, most Americans are eating

  • nancyk70 and emtpdmom~

    YOU guys are great, sure hope more get a chance to stand up and be heard!!!

  • MacANoogie~ Thanks, none that I'm aware... I did tweet it out but haven't yet seen any responses...

    Tulsi~ Thanks and NO, I wasn't aware of the Indian farmers' suicides OMG I will have to check this out... Terrible!!!

    rawfreak4fr~ yes I do think your input will help... smile

    All you guys are right about this being a Global problem and everyone should get involved... Again THANKS for your support!!!


    Here is more information on Monsanto~ Took in over 11 Billion $$$... We are paying him to Kill us and our planet...


  • Happy Memorial Day everyone, hope you have time to check this out!!! smile

  • Me again, wanting to make sure YOU have a chance to STAND UP and be HEARD... smile

  • It's a new day and I know there are some of you who haven't had the opportunity to Stand UP and be Heard...

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