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Ouch! My sensitive teeth

valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

For the past 4 months I have been consuming an anti-candida diet. The only fruit I eat are granny smith apples. I wasn't rinsing my mouth out after eating them, but I make an effort now. My teeth hurt in different spots at different times during the day. I always had excellent dental health before going raw. My teeth hurt even if I inhale 65 degree air. I use Sensidine toothpaste which I know is HORRIBLE, but it is the only thing that keeps the pain tolerable. I have tried natural tooth powder, but the pain was horrible. When I first went raw and I ate a lot of fruit I had sensitive teeth, but then I changed my diet and rinsed my mouth and things got better, but once I switched over to an anti-candida diet they got bad again. Can anyone recommend a product to help my teeth? I eat a lot of greens, I have heard that can help.


  • WhiteAppleWhiteApple Raw Newbie

    I had the same problem but it seems it has sort of gone away. Whenever I would eat high sugar non-fruit items like dried fruit or the occasional chocoalte I had shooting sharp pains in my top back teeth, it was all I could from falling to the ground and hit my head against the floor from the pain. I asked my dentist about it just a few weeks ago and they did X-rays and found that cavities might be forming and I have NEVER had a cavities which in America really says something. The assistant while cleaning my teeth found I had somewhat of a pit back there and appearantly many people in my family have this too. In the pit food will collect and eat away at enamel so that might of been part of the problem as well, and I eat a LOT of citrus so that doesn't help.

    As for toothpaste I use Tom's of Maine which to me is more like the mainstream "sensitive" varieties, my grandma and uncle both used sensitive toothpaste from big names then I convinced them to try Tom's and they converted. I just got a flouride free toothpaste and I plan on using it after every meal to keep 'em clean and food from collecting and eating the enamel.

    I have researched how to reverse cavities because I always thought all I need is some Calcium which I do get enough of usually in greens but I have also started to supplement again to be on the safe side. The most important nutrient in preventing cavities is Vitmain D. ( http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2009/03/reversing-tooth-decay.html )

    I recommend you try and clean your mouth out after eating anything especially fruit but most importantly see your dentist.

    Oh I should add exercise took away my tooth pain away for some reason I guess I got the blood flowing and more pain relieving stuff was pumped there.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I started oil pulling and swishing salt water when I got teeth sensitivites, after I had two little lines (I have steep tiny ridges in my molars) of what looked like cavity forming. Are you consuming any apple cider vinegar,kombucha, lemons, or limes? The acids tend to wear away enamel and make teeth sensitive. If so, use a straw and try to keep it off your teeth as much as possible, then rinse your mouth out. The above mentioned oil pulling, and salt water rinses (to remineralize/build up enamel) helped my teeth go back to normal. I know you are on anti-candida, but when you start fruit again, remember to rinse your mouth after sugars too. I hope it gets better, I know it can be painful.

  • valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the info. Yeah I grew up using Toms, but switched over to Sensidine when the pain became unbearable. I do exercise and right now can't afford to go to the dentist. It is very strange how I can be without the pain and sensitivity for a few days and then it comes back, that is what keeps me from thinking it is serious like cavities.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    i dont know where your located but maybe your doctor could refer you to have them checked.

    ohh and heres my article on candida


  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    I also experienced sensitive and soft teeth, a few hours after eating they were good again but it's not how it should be. I suspect the oxalic acid in spinach together with fruit it's not a very good combination for strong teeth.

    Wierd things, when I also got the dental problems I ate 98% of the needed calcium/day I suspect that there is something strange going on with the absortion of calcium from greens (now my calcium intake is really low about 10% of the needed stuff but I don't have the feeling that my teeth or bones are falling apart) or to offset the "damage" of the oxalic acid you need the large amount of calcium found in spinach (every thing is in balance in nature)?

    Hmm we also get around 100-200mg/liter of calcium via water so when I got soft teeth I got around 200% of the daily calcium needed. very strange.

    Enough of that,

    Oil-pulling works very nice.

    Of course don't eat grains the stuff stick to your teeth, good food shouldn't stick to your teeth.

    Other than that I don't know 8(.

  • Hi!

    What is oil-pulling? have_mersey, is there a recipe of salt water and oil you use?

    I am rather new in this forum and was just thinking of posting a similar topic. I've been eating a raw foods diet for about five months and have some sensitivities at the base of some of my teeth. It doesn't seem to be as bad as yours valgal123, but I just noticed a new tooth with the sensitivity (it's not getting any better!). When I press my finger nail at the gumline I can feel a little indent and get a sharp pain. I've been using non-floride toothpaste for several years now.


  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    put a table spoon of oil in your mouth and slush it around for a few minutes then spit it out. Sesame seed oil is nice for it.

    They say it bad to clean your teeth right after eating fruit. wait for some time. your teeth are weakened by the fruit (or soda drinks) if you brush your teeth right after eating it get worse.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I'll try that. I hadn't thought of overbrushing as being damaging but I had heard that before. It's not so good for your gums either. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

  • ugh i ate half a pineapple the other day and i feel like it burned the skin off of my tongue, i could barely eat anything for the rest of the day because my teeth were so sensitive and the corners of my mouth were chapped. I could not believe just a half of pineapple could do that. fooey!

    i am going to try the oil pulling and i have a sea salt powder mouth wash type deal that helps restore stuff. i hope.

    i feel like everyone on this forum is from the UK, cool.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Be careful with your teeth it's possible to strengthen them (mine are now stronger than ever in my life, grass seed products are my greatest enemy and sugar of course but it's been ages since I willingly ate sugar) but healing of caries is a lot more difficult. They say it's possible but I still have very small caries (for years, not related to raw-food) the dentists is not alarmed by it so it's alright. My teeth are also whiter then ever and I drink a lot of black tea and maybe 1 or 2 cups of coffee a month. There is a lot to discover in dental hygiene 8).

    They say that the pineapple we eat in Europe is not comparable with the one found in nature. The export pineapples are really high in sugar compared with the local one's (locals don't like the taste of export pineapples).

    b.t.w. there's just a little sea between us 8).

  • I am sorry for the pain you have..I too suffer from sensitive teeth..Eating fruit hurts my teeth but not always so I figure its the level of acid content in the fruit, I have heard that you should wait a few hours after eating acid type foods before brushing. Rinse with water and then brush at a later time, The teeth enamel is softened by acidy foods.Brushing when the enamel is soft can cause more damage to the enamel layer..Something else that I have pain from my teeth and confused me because I didn't eat or drink anything to get it was with my sinses..If I have allergies issue and a sinus infection is coming on my teeth hurt in a very sensitive way.When my pain comes I know the sinuses are working on a infection. My teeth warn me ..I recently had all my teeth fixed (veneers, root canals, and all silver removed from my fillings) ..I have a grinding problem and my teeth have been worn down..So if you are a suffer from sinusitis and grinding your teeth its best to get a dentist made mouth guard called a splint and get a nettle pot for nasal rinses..Do not buy a store bought mouth guard because that just strengthens the jaw muscles causing the problem to worsen..The dental split that I wear at bed time has no give so my jaws are not over worked..Why my teeth are so sensitive to allergies shows in the ex rays when you can see the tooth roots almost touching into the sinus cavity..I am almost 50 years old and have had plenty of teeth problems over the years and I can not tell how good it feels to have my smile back and the pain lowered..It seemed my life revolved around consent pain and was heart broken when dentist could not tell me why till I found one who saw my ex rays and seemed surprised at how my tooth roots seem to almost be in mt sinus cavity..It all made sense to take care of any mucus from allergies..I did go down the road of pharmaceutical drugs for sinuses but in the end nettle pot rinses was what worked..and why not rinse your sinus cavity out..We brush our teeth, we need to clean our sinuses to ..It works for me but I still suffer from eating fruit and that is something I wish I could change..

  • nsns

    It might be a good idea to just wash the insides of your mouth with plain water after you eat anything anytime.

    Check out oilpulling.org. As suggested before, sesame oil probably works best. According to some people it even fixes cavities gradually.

    For short term fix for sensitivity issues, try some sea salt in lukewarm water - swish it inside your mouth especially in the sensitive area.

    Flossing every day is a great idea to keep the dentist away.

    According to some research a mouthwash with xylitol is good for long term dental health.

  • Tom's of Maine makes toothpaste for sensitive teeth now, and I've been using it for maybe 6 months or so. It's definitely better than Sensodyne, which I used for years for no apparent reason other than the hygienist told me to. Last week she cleaned my teeth and asked me what toothpaste I was using because she noticed that my teeth were not as sensitive as before. When I told her about the Tom's, she said her sister-in-law also liked that product. (So do you think they will quit recommending Sensodyne?)

  • before I went raw only eating fruit, my teeths enamel is gone, my back molars. On one side it hurts so much expecially after eating citrus fruits, or acid fruits. I also have a grinding problem, at night I have to wear a mouth gaurd.

  • Frederic Patenaude, author of the Raw Secrets, had a similar problem with his teeth and got lots of cavities. He recommended being careful not to eat too much fat (no more than 15% of diet), and never mix fruit and fat at the same meal. Try to avoid eating dried fruit, as this can mess up your teeth. Also check that you are not deficient in Vitamins A, D, and K.

    If you eat fruit, what I found helps is swishing water in your mouth right after you eat fruit.

  • joshsjoshs Raw Newbie

    Hi Valgal,

       There are two types of sensitivity problems which are shooting pain and sensation when having hot food/water and cold food/water. In your case you get sensation problem while inhaling the cold air. The reason of the problem is lack or high acidic pH in the mouth. Some of the Ayurveda Natural medicines like Dencare help you to maintain the pH level in your mouth. 

  • sohaibbsohaibb Raw Newbie
    After every month or two there's something i feel stuck in my teeth. Once i remove, it is something strange like a small seed with roots. Can anyone help me what is it?
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
    sohaibb said:
    After every month or two there's something i feel stuck in my teeth. Once i remove, it is something strange like a small seed with roots. Can anyone help me what is it?

     Is it tooth color? Plaque solidifies after a while and can come in all sorts of interesting shapes. 

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