Fermented Food recipe ideas?

Well, I'm looking into making my own fermented foods now. My stomach is a mess. I was taking Nystatin to kill candida for months and months and feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. I also have c. difficile. I've been downing kombucha, putting probiotic supplements in everything, I'm searching for a kefir grain vendor that doesn't have dairy or soy, eating soy free miso, and looking into buying an expensive item to make my own kimchi - minus peppers (allergic). There has to be a way to kick this without the medications....

What goes well with sauerkraut? I'm going to start throwing it in wraps, but I'm not sure what else to do with it. Used to LOVE it in the pre-vegan processed foods days, but now it doesn't sound great on much. Might be my stomach doing the talking.

Any other ideas for fermented foods? I'm staying really low fruit. I had some raw vegan cheesecake this weekend and half a glass of wine (stupid stupid stupid) and I have really been paying for it.

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  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Hi Cami!

    You do not need anything expensive to help you make kimchi. It's really easy to do in a mason jar. I usually put my sauerkraut on salads and on raw crackers but really you can eat them with anything.

    Ani Phyo's newest book has a section on fermenting--the best I've seen in a mainstream raw book.

    Kimchi is really easy. I'd just use whatever veggies you want. I put in nappa cabbage, daikon radish, carrot, ginger, onion. Massage with salt. Then put in a jar and make sure it's covered with its own juices or add water. Let ferment until done (1-2 weeks).

    I think Body Ecology might sell water keifer grains that are dairy-free.

    Here is a great post on vegan keifers: http://www.greenandcrunchy.org/2010/03/fermenting-cultured-fermented-veggies-water-kefir-grains-vegan-coconut-kefir-vegan-almond-milk-kefir-kefir-sodas-and-homemade-vegan-coconut-milk-yogurt/

    Bucha Belly
  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    i eat kraut with everything. i love just a simple meal of flax crackers and kraut. you can make different kinda of kraut too.

    garlic, cabbage

    apples, caraway seeds, cabbage

    kim chi



    you can make your own kombucha.

    i like to make cultures pears and then make raw icecream out of them :)

    Are you 100% raw?

    Have you heard of Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz?

    Bucha Belly
  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I try to be 100%, but have some cacao and don't have any opposition to fermented foods.

    Bucha Belly
  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I really like kim chi served with some liquid sweetener (agave, honey, date syrup, yacon syrup), oil, and soy-sauce-type product (nama shoyu, miso tamari, a non-raw soy sauce, or just miso). For me, it takes off the edge and makes it very palatable. You can skip the sweetener if you need to; good tamari has its own sweetness.

    bitt's suggestions for kim chi are right on; no expensive equipment is necessary.

    Look for "water kefir grains" to find some vegan, soy-free grains.

    Might I also suggest you look at grapefruit seed extract (I suggest the tablets) and/or colloidal silver for helping to fight candida overgrowth? They're both powerful, and even at therapeutic doses they won't screw with your digestive system.

    Best of luck!

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