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Hello! :) I'm kari, 25 and have been trying to go raw vegan for countless attempts. Now, finally I've come to the conclusion that I can't do this on my own. Suffering from severe anorexia at age 23/24, after a failed recovery attempt I fell into binge eating and later also bulimia and quite accurately doubled in weight. I am now overweight, ashamed and unhappy and most of all - I want to stop binge eating and I want to stop purging, and get back to the ideal weight for my body (aka pre-ed). It goes like this: I eat raw, clean, fresh, enjoy it and feel good. A few days later I binge and throw any concerns and ethics out of the window. I become depressed, vow to really change something, it goes great for a few days again and before I know it the cycle begins again. I really want to refrain from asking "why me, what I am doing wrong, why can't I do it" and rather wish I could start on this journey and stay 100% committed with someone else. So my question for you, I guess ;) - would anyone be interested in teaming up and starting some sort of 21-30 day challenge?


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome to the community, Kari!


  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Hi and welcome!! Have you thought about going 80 or 90 percent raw? Then the other 10-20 percent wouldn't be quite big enough to be a binge, but it would still let you have little "cheats" until eating raw becomes a real habit and hard to break :)

  • rebecca725rebecca725 Raw Newbie

    wow Kari! I hear you. I have the same issue...frown   when I begin the cleanese things go amazing but after several days I break and binge for a few days and its VERY frustrating. Does anyone have a suggestion??


  • rebecca725rebecca725 Raw Newbie

    Anyone have any tips for newbies and people who suffered  from binge eating?  - That would really really help out....kiss

  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader
    You should check out 'The Miracle of Fasting' by Paul Bragg. It should help a lot. He talks about How to have your mind become aware of when you are really hungry and when it is just your body craving food. There's heaps of good info in there. I must admit although I can still tend to binge eat sometimes, it's only ever healthy food and I'm defiantly aware when it occurs. So it's becoming more easily controlled. Goodluck :D
  • BibiBibi Raw Jr. Leader

    Hello Kari!  I’m not sure if your question regarding teaming up with someone for support has been answered, and it could be as a result of your entire statement.  Since most of us here are food lovers, we can only relate to the binge eating part of your current unhealthy conditions.  As far as anorexia, I suppose “fasting” comes closest to it, except they do not call it “starvation” and that’s probably because people who fast are doing it for health reasons and only temporary, going back to eating at some point, while those suffering from anorexia keep on starving themselves well beyond what’s considered “safe” for the body.  From what I heard so far, not eating slows down the body’s metabolism, causing the double weight gain and other issues. (you probably know all this).

    Furthermore, you have not shared your specific weight and height, the two key factors in determining someone’s standard healthy weight.  While I’m sure everyone appreciated your honesty regarding your severe ailments, I personally think you would not benefit from pairing up with someone to keep you motivated to eat or eat healthy.  With the utmost sincerity, I think you would greatly benefit from either one of The Rawtarian’s apps, especially the one where Laura-Jane herself is your daily mentor and provides you with meal plans and/or suggestions.  If you end up “cheating,” you won’t upset anybody but yourself, which should be plenty motivational on its own to make you want to jump right back into your healthy eating habits.  (I had a friend in my teens with all three of your ailments just like you, and I’m familiar with how much you’re suffering.).

    So I urge you to try any of the recipes you will find on this site that most appeal to you, and I’m certain you will be so amazed and even question if it’s actually good for you, and that, rest assured, it is.  Do this one recipe at a time and you will regain overall health as well as maintain your ideal weight without harming your body or ever feeling guilty about eating desserts or any food in the raw form.  I know you can do this, the power is in your hands.  Still not convinced?  Read about the nutritional value of anything you eat.  No one can do this but yourself, in your own free time and at your own pace.  

    Wishing you well and good luck, and hopefully you will keep us posted in the future on your progress!

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