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Questions about mandoline slicers and spiralizers

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

I am debating buying a mandoline slicer, but I already have a food processor with a slicing blade. Would using this be the same as using a mandoline? If not, what is the difference? And, if I do need the mandoline, any recommendations on good ones (there seems to be a pretty big range on price with these)?



  • The mandoline is good if you don’t want to fire up the food processor (and wash it afterwards) for a small slicing job. I love my mandoline AND my processor, and I use both regularly. I got mine from Pampered Chef and it has never let me down.

  • i bought a mandoline and i never use it. i don’t have a dishwasher and i find it so much harder to clean than the food processor, so i just always use that!

    i found myself buying tons and tons of kitchen gadgets that all end up sitting around is disuse. my new rule of thumb is this: if the gadget will take longer to clean that the entire job would take conventionally, i will never use the gadget!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    This helps. Is sounds as though the slicing disk and mandoline basically do the same thing, right?

    Another gadget I’m thinking about is the spiralizer. I love the look of zucchini pasta (right now, I just use my peeler, which is nice, but not the quite as striking). These also seem to range quite a bit in price. Any recommendations?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    hmm… i dont have either, but I hear good things about the Chef Joyce Chen spiral slicer.

  • I just got the Joyce Chen spiralizer for Christmas, and it’s a fun toy to have. Certainly not essential, but for zucchini pasta it can’t be beat. You can also make nice wide, yet thin spirals with it too. I want to experiment with carrots and daikon next. A mandoline will make thinner slices than your standard food processor blade, and most come with additional blades for matchstick and julienne cuts. I just have a cheap one, but I’ve found it to be most useful for cutting cucumbers, carrots, etc. for sushi rolls – faster than trying to julienne with a knife!

  • I have the spiral slicer too. I like that is slices SUPER thin with beets, carrots, zucchini, etc. My food processor doesn’t slice as thin. Plus I enjoy the noodle blade as well.

    I think for as little as they cost, the spiral slicer might be a better purchase. Hope this helps!

  • I want a mandline because is slices very thin. I had a raw apple pie at a raw potluck and it was lovely and the secret was she cut the apples very thin.. almost paper thin.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    i love my spiral slicer and so do my little grandsons.i put zucchini in the spiral slicer and they are very willing to make spaghetti noodles for me.i cann’t eat the stuff fast enough.i love my spiral slicer.i have a mandolin slicer but have not used it yet.i got one for 10$.i still need to use it.i truly love the spiral slicer.it cost me 65$.horrid huh?but it sure is nice.

  • Silly question but where can we get these in Canada??? All the websites I’ve found them on won’t ship to canada!

  • I ordered my spiral slicer from Ebay, it was pretty cheap and they shipped to canada, you could check that out.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Just bought a Spirooli and LOVE it!!! Fast, simple, fun, can make large batches of noodles quickly, and a breeze to clean! I did zucchini 2 days ago and did cucumbers today. I made them into noodles then with 6 chops, sliced them down to smaller pieces for on top of salad and it was so pretty and nice to have a new texture in our salads :) I also have the spiralizer, but like the Spirooli better because the noodles were larger in diameter as spaghetti vs angel hair, didn’t get as soggy as the angel hair, and you can do slices, straight noodles and curly noodles with it. Also, you can do a large batch at one time by placing a huge plate or platter in front of it and keep on going and going and going. With the spiralizer you have to stop and empty the small container in order to keep on going. I also noticed that my spiralizer got rusty around the smaller parts/screws if I didn’t dry them by hand right away. So far no hint of that with the Spirooli. I have a mandolin but was always paranoid about shaving my knuckles off, even with the protective guard.

  • Yes, the knuckle shaving is scary. Am I still vegan if I’ve eaten pieces of my fingers? :)

  • I bought the Joyce Chen Spiralizer and I really like it…I bought a mandoline $79 and to tell you the truth I didn’t feel that it really did anything magical…and I might add I thought it was a real pain in the butt.

  • They have a cheap mandoline at Walmart..try it first and if you dont like it you can always sell it in a yard sale.

  • lindyshellylindyshelly Raw Newbie

    I just bought a mandoline slicer. It works brilliantly. The advantages of this device are slicing, dicing, chopping, shredding or you want to julienne your veggies, very easily. Easy to cut foods in any types shapes. Safety guard incorporated. Its performance is awesome. 

  • janeDjaneD Raw Newbie
    kandace said:

    I am debating buying a mandoline slicer, but I already have a food processor with a slicing blade. Would using this be the same as using a mandoline? If not, what is the difference? And, if I do need the mandoline, any recommendations on good ones (there seems to be a pretty big range on price with these)?


     Hi, dear kandace! Of course there is a difference! But before describing it would be easier if I knew what your food processor was. If in general, then on the slicers there are many baits, the action of which you can adjust during cutting. In the food processor, you will not have such an opportunity. This is above all. Here's to you a blog of a stunning woman (I've watched her a long time) and this video is just telling you what are the nozzles and how to use them.

    Jenna's blog

    You can also use video on Youtube like this video there are very well described the best models of the slicer at the moment. If you prefer a short summary of the basic information, then I can advise short reviews like these best mandoline slicer.

    Cutting from a food processor is almost impossible to use if you want to have a beautiful table setting. That's just for such a case, the slicer will fit more...

    If you are interested in my opinion then I have a food processor and a slicer, but I use them separately for different occasions. Slicer is salads, table setting, ultra-thin cutting. A food processor is soups, pies, occasionally salads too, mostly those dishes where all the chopped will be inside or mixed with each other.

    I hope you will help my answer! If there are more questions, do not hesitate and askembarassed

  • harpmomharpmom Raw Newbie

    I have both a mandolin (that I've had for years. It's a Martha Stewart that I bought on clearance) and a spiralizer (bough very cheaply from my local supermarket). I use the mandolin rarely, but it is the best for paper thin slices. Much thinner than a food processor. I also use the spiralizer rarely, as I'm not overly fond of zoodles, but it works a treat and does thin or thick "noodles"

  • pepenelopepepenelope Raw Newbie
    edited February 2020

    I recommend a safety slicer like an adjustable vegetable slicer over Mandolin. At least you won't cut your fingers too easily. They are best used for making zucchini noodles, and different blades can cut different thicknesses, which is also much more convenient than Mandolin. It's easy to get some loose tomatoes from the fine dicing machine so that I can make the perfect salsa. It made the meal so easy, instead of asking me to stand there all day and cut onions.

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