New raw vegan with a lot of heartburn and stomach pain

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 About 3 years ago I was vegan for about a year,  and my levels of iron got very low, I went back to regular food and going through menopause I started having all kinds of problems, just to mention a few of them; sciatica, insomnia, IC, Gerd, dry eyes, hiatal hernia, etc., about 3 months ago I had severe chest pain related to heartburn and I’m not taking any medicine,( I don’t like to take medicine, I prefer natural ways to heal) so I decided to try raw vegan foods again (since I don’t like meat that much anyway); I started to eat raw vegan food since January, my heartburn and stomach pain continue and I feel it even worse, but I’m really hoping that is going to work once my body gets used to the change! What I noticed is I don’t have sciatica nerve pain anymore! I don’t have IC pain! My eyes lids were swollen and now I see them almost normal! Is it normal to have stomach issues when we start? If so, about how long it takes to go away? I don’t want to go back to regular food!!!



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    There can definitely be some stomach issues to start. Some people have found that pairing the right ingredients can help. I know from experience that sometimes a green smoothie that is too heavy on the greens can cause discomfort, but add the right combination and it's perfect. smile

  • Try a digestive enzyme supplement.
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    I also had really bad heart burn when I first started on my raw vegan journey.  I found that it would be especially bad if I ate too much of certain fruits like watermelon on an empty stomach.  I recommend eating something that isn't too sweet first thing in the morning and then eat sweeter things later in the day.  Eventually the heart burn stopped altogether and I can eat whatever I want on an empty stomach now. It takes time for the body adjust. 

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    Anthony William is an amazing Medical Medium.  He suggest plain celery juice every morning will help digestive issues/ heartburn.  it worked for me!

    His books are best sellers.  I have no affiliation:)

    Hope this helps! 

    Linda Birse


  • borisbborisb Raw Newbie

    It's can be lack of meat than doesn't allow you to sleep well. Your body is changing and feel excitement, accidentally you will overcome it. Try audio relaxing hypnosis ( ) , hot bath , evening walks and you will fall asleep naturally and feel well rested and relaxed in the morning.

  • sabrinasabrina Raw Jr. Leader
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    I haven't tried this for heartburn, but I've read that Shatavari is the natural equivalent to Tum's.  Maybe it could help you during your transition period. ;

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