Any Bollywood lovers out there?

KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

Ok, I’m not sure if this is ok since it doesn’t REALLY have to do with Raw food in any way, and I couldn’t find the rules to the forum (maybe I’m just blind today, because I know I’ve seen them around here somewhere), so I’ll just post it and if I need to delete this I will.

Are any of you fans of Bollywood? I was just curious how odd I really am with eating mostly raw, watching Bollywood, and all this other stuff that I’m not going to bother with (maybe later)... because people already think I’m weird for liking Indian movies, then they think I’m weird for eating veggies/fruits, and the list goes on! Haha people are silly. Ok anyway…

And if you are, what is your favorite movie, favorite actor/actress? (I doubt this will interest many people since they’re like “I’m here to talk about food – not movies!” so… I’m just giving it a shot).


My favorite is Kuch Naa Kaho, with Abhishek, Shahrukh, and Aishwarya being my fav actors/actress.


  • I love movies about India..Love the colors and the dancing…

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    who doesn’t love Aishwarya!!

    you’re not weird, i think people are weird who can’t understand anything outside of dogma or in this case the same movie format over and over again

    hey now, for me this is talk about food alright! I use to get my bollywood movies from this tiny indian restaurant. I used to love watching while eating samosa, indian vegetables with rice, soup, and my favorite, idly with coconut chutney….. where are the raw versions?!

    i recommend Hum Dilde Chuke Sanam with Aish and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke…they were both really good movies even for hollywood! imho

    there was another movie that I wish I could remember the name of… Aishwarya plays a girl who falls in love with a boy played by Salman Khan, and then her parents make her marry someone else and i guess salman moves away. So Aishwarya gets super depressed with her husband that she doesn’t want and he really cares about her so he does the least expected and helps her to go and search for Salman….. i would continue but maybe i shouldn’t tell the ending!!

    have you seen it or do you know what it was called?

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    That’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam! One of my absolute favs… I watch that one all the time – second only to Kuch Naa Kaho.

    Maybe we should work on making an entire cookbook of raw indian food! That’d be a challenge… but oooh it’d be worth it!

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    I really aishwarya rai. She is so pretty and such a good actress.

  • For all you Shah Rukh Khan lovers…watch Dilwale Dulhaniyan Le Jaayenge (DDLJ-1994). It’s been running for 13 years in Mumbai, India..very very bollywood’ish movie…

  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    I love Bend It Like Beckham and also Bride and Prejudice (I’m a die hard Jane Austen fan). I am going to have to check out Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

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