Detox'ish qualities of a raw diet?

Oh am I full of questions, but I think that’s a grand way to go through life and there are so many valuable voices in this community that ya’ll are obviously the place I feel compelled to ask, ask away!

Okay, so I’m pretty well-versed in holisticism but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this: detoxing via a raw diet. Here’s my history: I’ve done 3 Master Cleanses since December, as a form of “re-setting” myself and mostly to get a step ahead of my candida issue. My candida issue is this: I’m a chunky chic (I prefer to call it lovely lusciousness, hehe!) who sometimes suffers from eczema that is definitely stress-induced..I’ve also come to the awareness that it has A LOT to do with my emotions, specifically anger, which is linked to my liver’s energy, hence rash outbreaks. This being said, I’ve had much success are ridding myself of skin issues that arise from time to time, via a vegan form of a candida cleanse (I’ve been vegan for 9 years, btw). Here’s what I’m experiencing now: my skin has been clear for a while and 3 weeks ago I did my latest Master Cleanse and have been raw for a week since it’s ended. I’m noticing some skin blemishes arising and I’m thinking that it’s just a detox symptom of my body “healing” itself via my new lifestyle change. Has anyone had the whole “it gets worse before it gets better” aspect of detox when they became raw? I don’t believe it’s food sensitivities, and I am not in a stressful mindset that has always been a precursor for outbreaks in the past. Any ideas? Any others experienced a healing body’s detox symptoms because of going raw?


  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Skin breakouts were definitely part of my experience, especially on my temples but also it odd places. Being really tired, splitting headaches. And they may also come in phases as you go deeper. In the book Raw Success Matt Monarch says that a 100% raw diet is a lifetime detox, it’s never-ending, considering the toxicity of our world, and he recommends colonics to eliminate what you’re flushing, along with green juices, skin brushing, rebounding, all that good stuff. He and some others also recommend taking it slow so you don’t “autointoxicate” yourself, or some such a term. Poison yourself with your own toxins, basically. Great questions!

  • I think detox can manifest in many forms for different people. I definetly wouldn’t let yourself become concerned especialy if stress is a factor in skin problems for you (as for me too!!!). I think it will pass. Glad to see another long time young curvy vegan lady on here!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Matt Monarch has a great post on this at his blog

    He’s been raw about 11 years, and I think he’s got his head on straight when he gives advice. It talks about detox coming in waves. And also the importance of always maintaining a consistent raw diet in order to make progress.. because switching back to cooked when your body has cleansed, can cause worse effects than before your body is clean. Basically, your body is more sensitive now that you’ve cleansed. He also greatly stresses colon cleansing – there’s simply no way to avoid that topic. It’s really important. Read that blog post and some of his other recent ones – i think they’re so relevant for you!!!

  • Thanks so much, ladies! I’ll surely check out Matt’s blog—’tis nice to have so many raw experts in the world. Sarabeth—you’re the cutest little vegan straightedge grrl ever..well, besides me, hehe! Curvy is good, fo’ sho’!!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Mellie-bellie. I suffered miserably from a candida rash for years before going raw. When I went gluten-free it was moderately managed. When I went raw, i detoxed candida from everywhere! It began on day 5 with very itchy and bumpy ears and earlobes, went down my neck to my chest and disappeared. Then about day 7, I had a raging yeast infection. Once that cleared, I was done and had no rash at all for 2 years. I recently had another episode after having drinks on vacation, though my food was raw. I’ve had great success with grapefruit seed extract. Other good ant-fungals are pau d’arco tea and oregano oil.

  • lzhpt—thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve very welcoming of my detoxing symptoms as I know this time around, it’s not because I atE crappy and am having an outbreak, but that it comes from a place of true detoxing. It just sucks though when youR detox symptoms are outwardly shown and nothing is worse than skin rashes. I imagine I have a quite a road ahead of me in terms of my body detoxing, though fortunately for me, I have been a “whole foods” vegan for so long and the past year and a half I’ve been off and on candida cleanses so I’m sure I’m making headway that way. I have GSE in the fridge, I gotta get back to doing that daily, thanks for the reminder. Cheers!

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