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meat and water BRIGHT fuchsia in my young coconut???!!!

Yep you heard me. this morning my husband cracked open a young coconut and the meat and water was bright fuchsia.

kinda reminded me of watered down beet juice.

does anybody why it was like that???

we didnt eat it of course but it smelt the same and there was no mold or anything.


  • Bumping this to the front for you. Curious to know if anyone has an answer for you

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    I am far from being an expert, but coconuts get "pinkish" when they have fungus... did it smell foul to you?

  • I don't know why, but I get coconuts with purple and fuchsia centers, they taste a little less fresh to me. I always thought because it was older. but I don't honestly know if that's true.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    it has to be a bacteria. i saw this one episode of Mystery Diagnosis where this lady's breast milk was pink. turns out there was a bacteria in her breast tissue or something.

  • lol (comparing coconuts to breasts)



    I looked perfect on the outside and smelt normal, however i didnt dare taste it haha

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Recently I have purchased young thai coconuts and found some with bright pink/purple insides. I got my money back for about 4 of them. Doing a little research online it seems there are different opinions on what exactly is happening. Some say it's too young and others say the coconut has gone bad. I don't believe it's a good idea to eat this brightly colored coconuts. The brand that has had these bad coconuts is called Be On. I'd avoid buying those coconuts. It's really too bad since you can't always tell from the outside of the coconut.

  • I think it means they are just really un-ripe (very young) . as they get older the meat inside gets whiter and thicker. I have eaten plenty of coconuts that are pink. they dont' smell or taste any different. i think they would smell or taste bad if they were infected with a fungus or a bacteria. Bad coconuts taste sour and awful, like spoilt milk.

    just depends on whether or not you like them that way and feel OK eating them, I think. They are OK for smoothies at this stage but they pretty much suck for using as a solid in anything -- too jelly like.

  • a good way to tell if a coconut is a "good one" is to weigh them. the heavier the coconut the more likely the meat has matured to a good thick rind.

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Here's my semi-related coconut story. I bought a coconut, and I had no idea what I was doing, never having bought coconut before.

    As soon as I opened the coconut, I tasted the water. It was bitter and gross! Then I couldn't get the coconut off the sides (at all), and then I just gave up.

    I left the coconut sitting on the counter overnight, and when I went into the kitchen the next morning it was flurescent pink inside (on the white coconut area).

    I was very disturbed by the whole situation, and I have never bought a coconut since, lol.

    Not sure if that helps, but there you have it!

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I have opened coconuts that are really foul smelling and kinda brownish. I have never seen a pink one yet.

  • I have only bought one young coconut, and I remember I was so excited to try it, but when I opened it up, it was pink inside also. I decided to try it anyway, and it was disgusting. It tasted rotten, and I ended up throwing the whole thing away. They are very hard to find here, so I haven't had an opportunity to try one since.

  • I'm pretty sure that it indicates the coconut has gone bad, and it is likely some form of bacteria. You are supposed to only get coconuts that are bright and white on the outside. Once they start showing pinkish hues on the exterior, it indicates they are aged and most likely on their way out past fresh. Avoid pink on the outside and inside.

  • i've also heard its from pesticide..

    either way i don't like them

    i have discovered that if you look at the bottoms the coconuts will be stained purple if they are purple.

    so far so good.. i have not purchased a purple coconut since i started checking the bottom.

  • According to the FAO research from the United Nations, the turning pink of the coconut water is due to phenolic-antioxidant compounds that naturally occur in plants: these phenolic-antioxidant compounds are reacting with the enzymes of the coconut water.

    Different varieties of coconuts contain different levels of phenolic-antioxidant compounds. The Fragrant variety of the Thai coconuts that we are using for our coconut water is particularly rich as far as these organic antioxidants compounds are concerned.

    The pink coconut water and meat actually has more benefits!

  • Claire TurnipClaire Turnip Raw Newbie

    That is excellent information, healthygirl!

    Are there any other foods we should know about?

  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    I've been eating young Thai coconuts for 4 years and have only experienced the "pink stuff" this past year.   I ate one that was slightly pink, and it tasted ok.  I ate one that was really pink/purple and it tasted rancid!  Tossed that sucker out!  I hate it when I buy bad ones.  but, like the comment above....I've started paying more attention to the bottoms of them before purchasing.  wink

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I'm going to have to have to remember to look a the bottom of the next one I get. Thre is nothing worse than getting a bad coconut after expecting something delicious!

  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    Especially if they're hard to come by!

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