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  • hagary

    Dear Sir, 

    Have a great day from Galina Agro freeze.

    Our company Galina in Egypt is one of the prominent producers of frozen Fruits & Vegetables provide the first quality and the best terms of payment

    Kindly if you are looking for a reliable supplier that will be Galina.

    Kindly find our products list and seasons.

    Frozen vegetables  :,spinach chopped ,   diced carrots , mixed vegetables , artichokes ( quarters , bottoms ,dices and heart), okra in different sizes , molokhia (green leaves, minced), Taro roots (colcasia), , eggplant ( slices , dices , roasted) roasted Aubergine , Diced Sweet potato, zucchini, , tomato, grape leaves in brine, and onion, colored Pepper (Kepy) , Jalapeno, Chili red pepper, etc.

     Frozen Fruits: strawberry (whole - diced -cubes) green figs (dices and chunks), mango (chunks, dices), melon (cantaloupe), Apricots, pomegranate kernels, peach, Grapes, Guava and honeydew, etc.

    Plant – Based Products: Veggie Burger, Hotdog, Nuggets, Potato Patties, Special frozen Egyptian Herbs.

    Our Production is fully controlled beside the following :

    ● Galina takes major steps towards food safety and product assurance.

    ● Galina, one of the major producers and exporters of frozen fruits and vegetables to the world has been gaining solid market growth worldwide, with presence over 5 continents now Galina has the solutions market leaders are striving for.

    ● Galina took steps towards raw material full supply chain integration by reaching up to 80% of own farmed crops, giving our products full pesticides control and 100% traceability guaranteed.

    ● Galina, invests more than 500,000 euro to increase food safety standards and improvement of product specifications control by obtaining two of the most advanced optical sorters, so, now, our partners could sit back and relax and not worry about one of the major hassles in our industry.

    ● Galina Gives special attention to baby food products.

    ● Galina, With a production capacity of 35,000 tons per year, we are ready to supply our partners worldwide with the right product at the right time, from bulk packages of 700kg to as low as 200 grams.


    I am Looking Forward to hear from You, If you require more Information.



    Best Regards,

    Hagar Youssef |  Marketing Specialist | Galina
    9 Ibrahim Sherief St, Kiroseiz Blgds, Block G
    Alexandria | Egypt 
    Tel # +203 5433981  Mob # +201555771586
    Email:  marketing3@galina-eg. com  | www.galina-eg.com

    January 12