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  • Raw Food and my Bunkum Gallbladder

    Hey all.

    When K&R started this site, I was mildly interested in it as one of those things that I checked out during hot weather and when my chickens were on strike. I’ve been a vegetarian (fish, eggs and yoghurt – yes, I know you don’t approve) of sorts for the last 15 years, and considered myself pretty healthy, but realized after talking to K&R about it that I actually had hardly anything raw in my diet, other than a little fruit here and there. Heck, I didn’t even eat salad if I didn’t have to.

    The recipe format was easy to read and allowed me to search for recipies that didn’t require gear, so it was useful that way. I posted the “healthy” version of one of my few “raw” recipies and got jumped all over, so I didn’t bother posting any more.

    Fast forward to a time of actual need:

    Last November my gallbladder quit working and without insurance or even an extra few dimes to rub together, I’ve been treating myself ever since. I’ve found that the raw foods did me well. After dropping about 30# and getting very deficient in vitamins A, E and D, I finally worked out what foods were acceptable to the failed organ and what was not, and am on day 9 of feeling mostly allright. So, long story short, I am so very glad this resource exists. I still don’t own the requisite gear to go totally raw (nor, do I think I want to), but I am now eating at least one raw meal a day, and it is invariably the one that doesn’t make me nervous.

    Though there are quite a few things I can’t eat that are VERY commonly found in these recipes, there are so many good ideas, I can usually work around it and really appreciate everyone’s participation and culinary genius.

    I’ve been keeping track of the food I’ve found that works, and will p’bly get brave and begin posting them as “Gallbladder Friendly this, that and the other thing.” I can’t be the only person out there determined to keep all my internal organs. Yes, before you say it, I’ve heard of the flush. And no, I don’t like to gamble.

    Well, as usual, I’m sure I’ve offended everyone in some manner or another, but I just wanted to say, “Thanks again” to K&R for putting this all together, and I’ve still got that book to return to you.