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  • Juice Fast

    I’ve never done a juice fast before, but I’ve been juicing on a regular basis in the mornings for a long time—love it! :)

    Mixing fruit and veggie juices are definitely okay in my book, but you’ll get different opinions on that. I would focus on green juices and also include beets and carrots because they’re excellent for cleansing. (Dilute the carrot in other juices or water because of the high sugar, and dilute the beet juice because it can be too powerful on its own.) If you feel ‘drawn’ to a particular fruit or veggie, or find yourself craving one, juice it or add it to a mix or juice it on its own. Listening to your body is the best suggestion I can give you.

    My staple green juice recipe is this:

    1 head of celery

    a few leaves of kale

    1 or 2 leaves of chard

    a small handful of parsley

    1 or 2 apples

    a lemon

    You can play around with that and add ginger or even garlic if you want, or leave out the lemon, or switch up the greens.

    I also really like carrot-ginger juice (about a pound or 2 of carrots with a small knob of ginger), but since you’re fasting it might spike (and then quickly drop) your blood sugar, but you could dilute it in water or celery juice. Or what I like to do is take a sip of carrot-ginger juice and a couple sips of water in between sips of juice. That way, you can enjoy the full flavor of the juice and have the sugars release more slowly into your bloodstream with it diluting in your stomach.

    Citrus is great too—maybe try a blend of grapefruits and oranges.

    Best of luck! :)

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