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  • fruit allergy?

    omshanti said:

    ok so 38 years is a long time to finally “hear ” my body, but two days ago my face broke out. it was sensitive and kinda “prickly”( this has occured for years off and on) so I didnt think to much about it since i live outdoors in the sun and dirt all day and just mousturized like usual and thought ill make an effort to keep my hair off of it for a few days. Well, I was talking to a friend of mine and she was saying how all raw wouldnt work for her because she breakes out in an itchy rash from most fruits! she said it started out with strawberries but that recently she had the same reaction with cherries! the breakout is as she described it like haveing a beard and mustache that is on fire. My rash was along my jaw line and hair line and i remember my lips burning and being dried out too. So do i have a fruit allergy and if so, how do i narrow down which one it is? Ive tried only two new fruits lately that is chermoya, and prickly pear but have consumed plumcots, rasberries, bananas,bosenberries , coconut,apples, dates tomatoes…it goes on and on( guess im taking this keep a varied diet thing to heart! grin) I dont usaully eat this much fruit at all but since going raw i have probobly tripled my intake of it…..any words of wisdom? will this allergy go away on a stricltly raw diet or will it worsen, thoughts?


    When I first started juicing last summer, I started breaking out around the chin and jaw. I tried different creams and cleansers. They were helpful but they didn’t stop the breakouts.

    A couple of months ago, I quit taking the cod liver oil capsules and flax seed pills I’d been taking. I also quit drinking almond milk and nuts (replacing them with fruit).

    My skin is clearing now thank goodness. My novice guess is that you could have started taking supplements and something in the supplements could be bothering you. I quit taking the almond milk because they say that people who eat nuts regularly have a higher level of mold in their blood. A higher mold level could lead to other serious health problems.

    It took over a year to figure out what was causing mine.