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  • one year vegan craving meat again

    yogaholic I don’t think the body sends such strong impulses without a reason. And, when it comes to primal drives, our conscious or learned ‘overlays’ or logics can sometimes be a bit like fleas thinking they are steering the dog. This being said I am not necessarily recommending you go out and buy a steak!
    But you could identify if there is a particular meat you are craving and what that meat is richest in (iron/fat/minerals etc) and then try to supplement in vegan ways.
    Or you could actually break through the anathema and eat a little.
    Strangely I find whereas once the thought of eating raw fish was completely repugnant I now go nuts for sushi or flash-cooked tuna about every three to six months.
    Eating it is not something that I am intellectually happy with.
    In fact from ecological and spiritual points of view I completely disagree with my current body hunger, but the absurd thing is the tiniest quantity is hugely satisfying and whilst eating it I have a deep sense of gratitude to life and to the creature that is now sustaining me. Also the nourishment seems to start the minute it hits my tongue – well before any known digestive processes can begin.
    And my energy feels more grounded and stronger afterwards. I was out for dinner last night and found myself looking over at a plate of carpaccio and actually salivating. .... I haven’t eaten meat for more than 20 years! If I have accidentally ingested even the tiniest quantity it makes me feel really ill so I don’t think that response was necessarily about wanting to eat it ?