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michigan roman


michigan roman
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  • Sick when eating cooked food

    i was whole food vegan like 13 years when 27 months ago went raw , well after the first 8 months totally raw and doing several fasts any where from 3 to 20 days i got sick of constantly worrying about eating ’ perfect ’ and revolted by having my old favorite cooked whole vegan meal . and i couldnt believe how numbed / dulled up and sickly like i had the flu i felt . i really thought i had the flu and dismissed it at that . well then say 5 months later i revolted again for a cooked vegan meal and same thing . then several months later tried another cooked vegan meal and same thing . at that point i said thats it , now that my system is used to raw pure cell fuel cooked devitalized slop is like throwing wet logs on a fire = they smolder instead of burning brightly . and my cells are all little fires that burn on the fuel i eat , and raw fuel is like dry fire wood to my cell fires that burn brightly on it . now the lessons been established enough for me to never eat cooked and put all my focus into seeking out the perfect raw foods for my type . and its just a matter of time before raw goes mainstream and the more people involved the more ideas thrown around and the quicker everyone shall find their ideal raw diet .

  • Homemade almond butter?

    ive never made nut butter so i dont know what happens but maybe this helps : i was looking at coffee grinders to grind up almonds (and seeds) for my almond milk because in my blender the almonds fly all around and dont get very powdered . so i was checking out grinders and i go wait a minute these are just mini blenders , and i guess what makes them effective is the small compaRTMENT WHICH KEEPS THE ALMONDS (sorry caps error) pushed constantly into the blades . so i went home a got a rigid type plastic glass that i could push down about 3/4 of the way into my blender jar , at that point it acts like a lid holding all jar contents down below it . then i took a towel and wrapped it over top of glass so no powder would fly out around its perimeter in jar and pushed it back in . then i blended up my almonds and instead of as usuall having to pulse blend them about 20 times to get a not very fine powder they ground up into a fine powder in a few pulses because the glass was keeping the almonds from flying all around inside the jar and rather holding them tight in close to the blade where they got powdered better . so maybe this would help for butter . it got me thinkin blender makers should include an internal jar insert for this purpose .