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cupcakes revenge
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  • How can I prevent neighbor's cat from killing birds in our yard?

    I love cats, one of my most fave animals ever. However, I don't believe cats should ever be allowed outside (unless on a leash and well supervised). Cats are not native species and are incredibly destructive to wildlife. As was mentioned, it is cat's natural instinct to hunt. However, as they are clearly being well fed in their homes, housecats have no need to hunt. They are perfectly happy being inside, provided that they are adequately stimulated. And, cats who do go outdoors have a significantly shorter lifespan. Unfortunately, humans suffer from personifying animals thinking things like "i like variety in my diet and i like going outside so cats must be the same." This is unfortunate both for the cats and for the surrounding wildlife.

    Clearly your neighbour has no regard for the environment or for their neighbours (you), otherwise they wouldn't be letting their cat out, especially knowing that it's killing birds in your yard. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do. You could try putting some rinds from citrus fruit or citrus oils around the perimetre of your yard, or at least near where the birds hang out. Citrus supposedly repels cats.

    good luck!