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Pancake Organics


Pancake Organics
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  • Coconut flour is made from ground and dried coconut meat. Once the outer green husk of a coconut is removed, what remains inside is the rich, inner white lining which is the coconut meat. Coconut flour is not actually “flour” in the way we normally …
  • I love frozen banana and blueberries. Frozen bananas are the best. I always make it in my free time. I mix some more ingredients in this recipe like coconut milk, pineapple and cherries.
  • I ate 2 bananas, big salad with lots of leaves, celery with some flax crackers. Dinner was amazing, i made sunflower type bread and had that with tom and dehydrated mushrooms with a garlic cashew and also potato crisp. It was totally wonderful.
  • People are very commonly found of diabetes. Organic coconut sugar is very helpful to reduce the diabetes problem in the human body. As the harmful effect of sugar and high fructose corn syrup become increasingly more evident, people are turning to n…
  • I have been using dried coconut for cooking for the past 1 year. Organic coconut flakes are a perfect ingredient in confectionery, frozen foods, and other baked goods. It is high in dietary fiber and protein. I would like to try this recipe of dried…