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  • Since your original post was January 25 I would love to see an update.   I agree with MacGyver about the coffee enemas.  They are excellent during a detox.  In the past I have had to take ibuprofen for pain but have noticed that there are times tha…
    in Holy detox symptoms! Comment by Romey
  • I still have my sauerkraut going but I think I will just throw it all out.  I used an airlock for the first time and realized later that I had forgotten to put water in the airlock.  The sauerkraut itself is still under the brine.  I had pressed it …
  • I have used the water from the brown coconuts in smoothies and raw soups.  I generally don't get the brown ones because I have such a time getting them open.  I love the young thai coconuts.  The water is so good, I never put them in smoothies thoug…
  • I don't think it's wrong to meditate as a Christian if done in the right way.  The Bible says: Philippians 4:8New King James Version (NKJV) 8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatev…
  • I was just wanting to experiment with making some zucchini noodles on a small scale since I am the only one to eat it, so I ran across this suggestion by someone and I bought it.  It is easy to use since all I was using was zucchini.  It did the job…
  • I take the Garden of Life B vitamins.  They are a reputable company.
    in What percentage raw? Comment by Romey
  • I was just thinking of the sprouts such as sunflower greens and buckwheat greens.  I know that is a little more involved than sprouting in a jar since you have to sprout then plant the sprouts on a tray of dirt like when growing wheatgrass.  
  • Is that the only ingredient, just bananas?  I have never heard of it.  
    in Any recipe requests? Comment by Romey
  • Thanks for the info!  Sounds great.  
  • I try to stay as raw as possible but since I am not 100% anyway I don't freak out about it or spend a lot of time worrying about how raw I am.  I don't really like to be labeled anyway.  I am trying to eat the most nutrition dense foods that I can f…
    in What percentage raw? Comment by Romey
  • There have been times in the summer that I was close to 100% but in the winter the most I could do was about 90.  I do drink herbal teas in the winter.
    in What percentage raw? Comment by Romey
  • Gently warmed in the dehydrator helped me a lot. 
    in What percentage raw? Comment by Romey
  • Hope it comes out well for you.  Keep us posted.  
    in i need serious help! Comment by Romey
  • Right now I'm only about 60%.  I have been as much as 90% in the past and maintained that for about a year or so but with family etc. it's hard.  I am working my way back up though.  Just curious as to how long you have maintained the 90%?  I know e…
    in What percentage raw? Comment by Romey
  • I would like to find a recipe for marinated and dehydrated dulse or other sea vegetables.  Read where somebody was talking about how good it is but I don't know how to make it.
    in Any recipe requests? Comment by Romey