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  • Do some research on Shatavari.  It's supposed to do wonders for balancing female hormones.  I just recently started taking it.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008X9P2SK/ref=twister_B00DV011Q8?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 
  • I haven't tried this for heartburn, but I've read that Shatavari is the natural equivalent to Tum's.  Maybe it could help you during your transition period.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008X9P2SK/ref=twister_B00DV011Q8?_encoding=UTF8&th=1&nbs…
  • Squalene oil is the best oil to use on your skin.  It's the closest thing to the natural oil that your skin produces.  Coconut oil is not trans-dermal; it will just sit on the surface of your skin and collect dust.  If not squalene oil, use olive oi…
    in Skin Care Products Comment by sabrina
  • Hey! I literally just posted a blog article and video about skin care and anti-aging. https://www.rawveganbeauty.net/single-post/2018/03/11/My-Natural-Skin-Care-Routine
  • Check out my raw vegan granola recipe.  It's made with buckwheat :) https://www.rawveganbeauty.net/single-post/2018/02/14/Raw-Vegan-Sprouted-Granola 
    in Raw Buckwheat Comment by sabrina
  • I also had really bad heart burn when I first started on my raw vegan journey.  I found that it would be especially bad if I ate too much of certain fruits like watermelon on an empty stomach.  I recommend eating something that isn't too sweet first…
  • I think that starting off with Dr. Coussen's diet might be best for a diabetic simply because of the low glycemic load.  However, I think it's best to do his diet on a short term basis.  After you experience improvement, it might be best to switch t…
  • Awesome! Thanks so much for the reply!
  • Yeah, eating a whole bunch of bananas isn't for me either.  I usually just put several in a smoothie or I love making banana "nice cream" with cacao or carob powder.  It tastes just like chocolate ice cream!    This book might be very helpful to y…
  • Check out this video, it helped me out so much when I first started on a raw diet.  It gives you a basic formula.  
    in MEAL PLANNING Comment by sabrina
  • Also, when you first start out you will definitely have cravings for cooked foods.  Try eating raw "junk" food when this happens (kale chips, flax crackers, raw granola etc.) These will help get you through the cravings.  But taper off of them once …
  • Hey! I think going into it gradually is best (that's what I did anyway).  I started by doing the raw till 4 thing (raw breakfast and lunch and then a cooked meal for dinner).  Then I transitioned into eating all raw except for maybe one or two cooke…
  • I agree about raw foods getting rid of "brain fog."  I've had bad ADD my whole life, but since switching to raw foods, my symptoms are pretty much gone.  I can focus so much better now! Good luck with your raw food journey!
  • When I first went raw I started to get sick of sweet foods too.  I think when you are first starting out it helps to snack on savory things like kale chips.  After a few months, I was able to wean myself the raw "junk food."  Once you can give up ad…