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  • My BlendTec blender. Love it. It is a power house and I have used both the Vita Mix and BlendTec. I prefer the BlendTec. Plus, you can get a refurbished one on their website relatively cheap or buy a new one and they let you make monthly payments on…
  • While in massage school we learned a little about Yin and Yang foods etc. From what I remember high watery content foods are considered "cool' Yin foods. Such as fruits, melons, eggplant, watery vegetables like cucumber. An accupuncturist or holisti…
  • Not websites but I really like Fully Raw Kristina's YouTube as well as Texas Fruitarian, Lisa's Raw Food Romance (she has a website) and Tanny Raw.
  • I also want to lose at least 80 pounds. Right now I am getting motivated watching YouTube videos by the Texas Fruitarian (lost weight and cured MS) and Raw Food Romance (also lost a significant amount of weight). Good luck to all of you.
  • Kids really seem to like finger foods especially if they help prepare them. Things like grapes, bananas with raw peanut butter, carrots and broccoli with raw ranch dressing might interest him.
  • I'm just starting with raw but I know that going from vegan back to SAD was the worst thing I could have done. My body just doesn't do well with dairy and meat. I recently went back to vegan and already am feeling a bit better. Can't wait to see wha…
  • I love my Breville juice fountain plus. I keep a grocery bag in the container for pulp and it makes clean up a breeze.