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  • Thanks ClaireT!  Yep, preplanning will be the key here.     BTW, we may have moved to New Mexico from Minnesota, but we were only there for three years. We are true New Mexicans by way of Texas.  Lol...so everything we eat tends to have some spice…
    in Vegan going raw Comment by KikAllez
  • I am new to raw, too.  We have been vegan for a few years.  Whole foods, unprocessed.  I am really, really enjoying raw.  Right now it feels like it would be weird to cook foods.  Thankfully, I am a vegan chef, self taught, and the whole extensive c…
  • I like the idea of wheatgrass juice and wish I could consume it.  But when I have I get an instant stuffy nose and headache, as if I had been standing out in a field of polinating ragweed.  Plus it nauseates me.   Someone mentioned mold on their wh…
  • I am a Christian, and vegan.  Going raw is very new to me.  And as much as I cook gourmet and complicated vegan meals, this is a vey new experience.  I am going back to work in dialysis unit, so will have to juggle long shifts and keep my man well f…
  • I just joined this site.  I am a vegan gourmet chef, so going raw and all the prep shouldn't be too hard.  Unlike you, I am super fortunate to have turned my carnivore into a vegan and he is doing quite well....albeit if we eat out I keep my mouth s…
    in Night shift & raw Comment by KikAllez