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  • Hey great job! I love iMovie. It's amazing how quickly you can put something together and share it with folks.
  • Sorry about that, just now catching up here. We do use a service that is good but not great to help with the spam. You have no idea how much spam it DOES keep away but every once in a while it freaks out a bit and for that I'm sorry. I will try to k…
  • Sorry, still seems to be a tad bit confusing. Basically, you need to be looking at a recipe - on a recipe page - and then you'll see the links to add recipes and so forth, on the upper right sidebar. I'll add links elsewhere to add recipes... but if…
  • Regarding this new feature, I'm specifically looking for your thoughts in these areas: Do you think it's a useful thing to have a FAQ / Q&A / glossary? Are you interested in helping out or contributing? Do you have suggestions as to how it shou…
  • Feel free to post those recipes in the Recipes section of the website, so that they're easier for everyone to find!
  • I've been pretty happy with a chiropractor that I was seeing. I would say just be sure to take those pills for now, drink plenty of water, and you might have luck stretching. What I would recommend is bending forward and touching your toes, then sta…
  • Okay, well it's getting better. I still don't have everything in place, but I have at least fixed the glaring issues. The home page is rather awkward, and there are pieces missing, but we'll get there. This is a great start and I'm happy to see a ne…
  • Sorry, the website is getting a "facelift" for the next few hours and will be QUITE BROKEN. Very sorry. If you are unable to log in, go to goneraw.com/user/login and I will post updates as soon as I can!
  • Wow, yeah, that's awful. I'll look into that. Thanks!
  • ambiguous, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into that. While I'm at it, what are you trying to do the advanced search for? How are you trying to refine your search? We have switched to a new search "system" and so some details may be different,…
  • So... We have moved to the new computer. Seem faster? Any comments or problems so far?
  • Okay, tonight's the night! We will be moving the website to the new server sometime after 9PM tonight. I will post a message when the move is complete, but be sure to let us know if anything is amiss.
  • Forgot to mention: if you notice anything gone haywire afterwards, please do let us know in here as well. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I am really learning a lot from this experience. Starting from a "blank slate" has let me see ways of approaching some of the "social recipe website" type problems I've encountered on Gone Raw. Much of what I've …
    in Gone Vegan Comment by Raymond
  • Sorry, we're aware that there are still some extremely confusing aspects to this version of the website. We've learned a lot lately, and as time allows, we plan to fix these very issues. Thanks for your patience, we're doing our best!
  • OK, there were a few teensy tiny issues. Like, no-one could post on the forums! Also, the look of the forums has been messed up, so I'll have to fix that in the next day or two. Hopefully, that's all!!
  • The updates are complete, for now. No extra features were added yet. Please let me know if you run into any issues as a result of these updates!
  • Looks like we won't be able to work on this until tomorrow, the update will be postponed for a day. Thanks for the kind words! The Feedback link may be coming back, not sure. I was totally unaware of the issue with the threads on the home page, I'll…
  • Sorry, that's still a feature that is sadly not quite working yet. I will look into that more as soon as I can!
  • Hey, as of a week or so ago, the recipe feeds are back! http://goneraw.com/recipes/feed
  • We're about to work on some updates. Sorry the search isn't helping, I'll see what I can do. I know we changed the site technology without as much testing as we would have liked, but all things considered, I have no doubt that we made the right deci…
  • Thanks, the kind words are really appreciated. You folks are sweethearts!
  • I agree with you all 100%. If you knew quite how many hours Kandace and I have put into this site you wouldn't believe it. It's been a long and time-consuming road! Yet it still has a long way to go, since we switched to this new system. The benefit…
  • Well, until I've figured out how to specify the conditions under which the emails go out, and sort out why some folks are getting too many messages, I've turned that feature off. You'll still get emails when you reset your password and such, but I w…
  • Sorry about that. I had no idea this would be happening! I'll try to fix this today.
  • Yeah, he's great. He actually helped us with our garden here!
  • OK, should be fixed!
    in KANDACE!!HELP!! Comment by Raymond
  • Good question... it's definitely not fully functional yet, I'll say that for sure! I think it will catch up and get better over time. Great suggestion about the Google Search, though!!
  • I promise you it will. Better than ever. We just need to get past this rough patch!!!
  • Sure thing - comment removed, user blocked. Ugh.