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  • If you are worried about the toxicity versus the rawness there is an alternative at the health food store..it is various things such as chicory roots..of course you still add it to heated water..so, it is not raw..but, does not have the side effects…
    in Raw Coffee Comment by tlrosbach
  • Okay here is my opinion on the whole thing..I personally believe that everything in life should be done in balance. That being said…Marriage in my opinion is hard enough…if you and your husband actually agree on something..(coffee) than my opinion i…
    in Raw Coffee Comment by tlrosbach
  • My day went just like yours spirit..I heard on the radio today..the definition of success is: going from one failure to another with enthusiasm…don’t beat yourself up over a little slip…I get frustrated too because I feel that I let other people det…
  • I am going fruitarian for the summer at least!!
  • Congratulations!! Good luck!!
  • As far as the canker sore goes..it doesn’t matter what your diet is..they can take forever to get rid of. I have one now that I have had for a couple of weeks. (miserable) As for the bleeding..my youngest son has a horrible diet…and recently had a s…
  • I made these and mine shrank too and if you want them crispy you have to make the slices paper thin. I would guess that shrinking is normal as they are drying out.
  • I had an unnecessary hysterectomy due to the misdiagnose of a doctor..but, one thing I do know from experience is that you can get pregnant even if you are not having your period. Prior to the hysterectomy I could go a year or two without having a p…
  • There was a recipe on here for sweet potato chips in the dehydrator.I tried them..they are delicious if you slice them extremely thin. If you slice them too thick they do not get crunchy they get very chewy.
    in Potatoe? Raw? Comment by tlrosbach
  • I bought one at a kitchen supply store for $79 it has 5 trays..nothing name brand but, I have used it numerous times now and it works fine. Hope this helps.
    in Dehydrators? Comment by tlrosbach
  • I dont understand why anyone has to explain anything. We don’t ask the heavy people why they are eating cooked foods?? For 5 years I have had a wheat allergy. I told my extended family that I can’t eat anything with wheat. My mother in law still off…
  • I personally was doing very well until I weighed myself and realized that I had been eating totally vegan for 7 weeks..3 of that raw…and had only lost 2 pounds..and I got an ear infection…I somewhat fell off the wagon and ate french fries and ice cr…
  • Welcome and nice to meet you. I love your attitude about not pressuring your kids. Kids as you know learn everything by example. Good luck I wish I had your partners problem..I haven’t lost a pound. :(
    in Hello Everyone! Comment by tlrosbach
  • I spiralized one and it did not get watery at all..I did it with the peel on. It had been in my fridge for a couple of days. Maybe try choosing smaller ones.
    in Watery zucchini Comment by tlrosbach
  • I put the pulp in any of the recipes that I put in the dehydrator. The lemon cookies, etc..
  • My stomach hurt so bad the first two weeks that I almost quit. I thought I was suppose to feel better on this…but, I stuck in there and my symptoms have improved greatly but, I eat more fruit than veggies. I am having a different probem though if an…
    in evil awful gas Comment by tlrosbach
  • Thanks for the advice. I fell off today but, I am getting back on tomorrow..And you are right I can honestly say that physically I feel soooo much better when I eat this way so, I am going to try to not focus on the weight so much.
    in 100%!! Comment by tlrosbach
  • Congrats!! I need some advice..I have been vegan for at least 6 weeks…I have been 95% RAW for 2 weeks..but, I have only lost 3 pounds which keep fluctuating. I have got to be doing something wrong. Too much fruit maybe??
    in 100%!! Comment by tlrosbach
  • I personally am frustrated because I have been eating totally healthy for at least 6 weeks and have only lost 3 pounds. My problem area is the hips. They say for that pooch to lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor about 6 inches and…
  • Hi all, I am from PA. I went vegetarian 6 weeks ago because basically I am sick of being sick all the time. I am only 35 but, have struggled for years with numerous health problems including arthritis, celiac disease, etc…I have been researching raw…
  • Hi Jules, I get killer headaches if I do not eat enough. Maybe you are eating too little in the evening. Test yourself..next time you get one of those headaches…eat something and see if the headache goes away. Good Luck
  • Hi All, I am new to this. I have been vegetarian for 6 weeks. I am really considering going totally raw. I am feeling somewhat discouraged though because I have only lost 3 pounds although, I do have to admit that I feel much better and have alot le…
  • I personally had to deal with alot of criticism etc when I first started homeschooling my three kids…so, I guess you could say I have developed a thick skin. Why would any of us feel that we have to defend our choices. On Easter my sister was giving…
    in Relationships Comment by tlrosbach
  • I read a great raw vegan book that talked about not ramming your beliefs down your families throats. If your SO said to you that you had to change your religion to be a part of her life what would you do?? In healthy relationships both people stay i…
    in Relationships Comment by tlrosbach
  • I dont know whether this John Hopkins thing is a hoax or not but, I do know that I see an iridologist that absolutely agrees that you should never cook anything in the microwave, expecially in plastic. And, I have a grandmother that had hodgkins lym…
    in Eating fungus.. Comment by tlrosbach
  • I have a question about nuts too..tonight I soaked cashews for the first time and they turned grey and the water was really grey. Is this normal?
    in Nuts? Comment by tlrosbach
  • I was talking about the Rawvolution service..I figure I might give it a try if I have the $$ and just fill in with fruit and veggie smoothies. But, I am relatively new to raw so, I am probably not a good one for advice. :)
  • Barose..if I was spending that much on myself I might splurge and try the Rawvolution..less time in kitchen and less $$$...
  • My grocery bill doubled..it is now for a family of 5 around $150-$200 per week. My family is not raw..but, has started eating much more fruit, veggies, and smoothies..along side me…I was trying alot of new stuff though that we had never tried before…
  • They have a cheap mandoline at Walmart..try it first and if you dont like it you can always sell it in a yard sale.