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  • They are actually found wild in the Amazon rainforest. But yes they can't be bought fresh because they spoil too quickly. There is a brand, called Amazon Mania, that sells packs of raw frozen acai pulp, they are really really good and as close to th…
  • yep i've had lucuma! 'cept you can only get it dried or in powdered form. haven't had luck trying to find it fresh. but i've mixed lucuma powder with a tad of water and it makes a cake battery type thing. oh and it's orange too :)
  • hey don't worry about it! himalayan salt is fine if you don't overdo it. it's a lot cleaner than any other kind of salt you can get. eat your bread and enjoy it, doesn't sound like you're overdoing it so enjoy.
  • I think no seeds means they're somewhat hybridized. but i don't care, they taste too good! navels rule
  • heh! i noticed those bars are starbucks too. who would have thought.
    in Ate today. Comment by RawKidChef
  • 1. no 2. a. I'm a minor b. tastes bad c. bad for your health, don't ever plan on starting it
  • for the computer you can buy these little balls filled with a rare earth element - there are two balls each one goes on a special spot on the computer. it is called EMF bioshield, something like that. computers are not the biggest issue, cell phones…
  • 12-14 fruits per box. usually they come for 5-7 bucks a fruit so it's relatively cheap.
  • 12-14 fruits in a box. a few of them are small but it's actually cheaper than what you can buy at other stores. I've never actually talked to him on the phone but always email. his fruit is really really good very worth it.
  • CHERIMOYAS mmm!! I eat them every day. there are no words to describe the mighty cherimoya's taste. it is like rich custard, with a strawberry fruity pear-ish flavor. sweet, if you want a good place to buy them organic, you can buy them here: http:/…
  • yea that's what I ultimately recommend.
    in protein sources Comment by RawKidChef
  • garden of life's raw protein is very fine powdery, not gritty at all. mix it up with raw apple cider and it tastes like a peanut butter shake.
    in protein sources Comment by RawKidChef
  • yea and maybe try blending it for a very short period of time. try it for a few seconds, stop it, and another few seconds till it's done. and liquid isn't really necessary like schrip said. another strategy is to leave the blended bananas out for th…
  • oh yea and about the almonds, I don't think they are irradiated, unless youre getting them non-organic. irradiation of organic food is illegal. they are steam treated for a few minutes. if they were irradiated i bet they would not sprout at all. jus…
  • well irradiation does kill enzymes. the companies are not inclined to say so, because they want that practice to be supported. cool article kurite about the grains. i don't eat grains, and don't plan on it, but this is the kind of stuff i find inter…
  • hey kurite, where'd you find that out about grains being very toxic to humans when raw? that is very interesting!!
  • buckwheat is a starchy seed. it's not the same digestibility as fruit. it's like comparing pumpkin seeds to pumpkin, the seeds are much heavier. buckwheat is more a grain in it's digestibility, you'll prolly find that a few cups of buckwheat weighs …
    in Dates Comment by RawKidChef
  • yes the date people have the best dates in the world.
    in Dates Comment by RawKidChef
  • ya know, a cup of buckwheat has 6 grams of fat :) at least un sprouted buckwheat.
    in Help!!! Comment by RawKidChef
  • most fruits are alkaline
  • aren't grazing animals 100% herbivorous? they eat all grass. well for me, the idea of shoving a spear through an animal, and shoving its flesh, organs, and blood seems gross. talk about lord of the flies. now I know that that seems like a real exagg…
  • it's a fermented tea made with like a kombucha mushroom or something like that, and it is tart-sweet, and very fizzy. like healthy soda in a way. I get kombucha from a local farm and boy is it good. I think it is very healthy, one, because of it's p…
    in Kambucha Comment by RawKidChef
  • nah. it's fine - it's a sign that you are a raw foodist - unless your constipated or seeing food particles like cami said.
  • 2000 cals, often more, in mostly fruit, with a few miscellaneous things.
    in Calories Comment by RawKidChef
  • no, i'm just saying that you are getting fat in your diet, not to worry that you are deprived of fat or something. I think 2c a day of buckwheat is fine and you shouldn't worry, just be sure you're getting lots of good sweet fruit in your diet and y…
  • it's an exotic fruit that tastes like cream, with a hint of strawberry and pineapple. They have protein, and lots of vitamins, so they are satiating. I get them (relatively) cheaply here: http://www.rain.org/~sals/cus1a.html The guy is a farmer who …
    in Sugar Addiction Comment by RawKidChef
  • just eat cherimoyas all day. your cravings will disappear, immediately and completely. oh, yea, and definitely check out 811.
    in Sugar Addiction Comment by RawKidChef
  • it's perfectly natural. it's called "cappings". it's a mixture of pollen and propolis. you can eat them. Check out here: http://www.reallyrawhoney.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc and go all the way to the bottom.
  • look up "the grape cure" on google. gerson therapy is great too.