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  • germin8, Personally I would not recommend cutting out fats so your cycles are further apart simply because youer body needs fats for all kinds of things. So it
  • About finding a Midwife: I don
  • Ola RawrAdisaurous! Wow, just so much going on, may be your body is just trying to find its center. We womyn are so ruled by are hormones. Your body has gone and is still going through so many,many changes. Give it sometime. A few months. Just as a…
  • Dear Coconutty, as I have mentioned this is a traditional remedy, so its been around for generations. As for chewing Papaya seeds, I tried it and it is yucky. Either way, I gues you could chew it, but I promise it ie easier if you swallow whole. As…
  • Yse Sky Princess, You should eat whatever it is that you normally eat. Its even great for people who eat regular SAD. But I
  • oh no. All of them! 1 small papaya or 1/2 a large papaya daily for up to 7 days. They will come out in your poop, do
  • Actually, my son will be 4 on february 23rd. Thank you for sharing your story! Thats pretty cool that your family is vegan. Can I ask the burning question, do you supplement B12? Hugs, Ale
    in Raw with Kids Comment by AleBrazil
  • All4Raw Yes! Avocados are very easy to find and most Brasilians of all ages eat them. We have a culture of drinking frsh fruit juices, you can get one at any corner snack shop for cheap. As for greens we have all kinds of greens and you can buy them…
    in South America Comment by AleBrazil
  • Right on! I am beautiful! Plus we have sweet pinapples, yucky melons, sweet and cheap oranges, people selling coconuts at every corner. So if you want to come visit, feel free!
    in South America Comment by AleBrazil
  • Ola Hollie! I am also a mom to a (soon-to-be) 4 y.o little boy and a 6 y.o.little girl. We are transitioning to raw and my advice is 1- follow their rhythm. Go slow and it will be for good. 2- give them fruit. kids are natural fruit eaters. first g…
    in Starch? Comment by AleBrazil
  • My list is long, I keep busy: Aspiring Midwife Doula/Childbirth Educator Activist (I run an NGO) and Volunteer Nursing Student English Teacher (not teaching at the moment) Mom to 2 little darling children and 2 dear sweet dogs
  • koolieaided A traditional homereemedy for hiper-pigmentation here in Brasil is White Rose Tea. You steep tea from white roses, let it cool, then apply tincture to affected areas everyday. Keep the tea in the fridge. Once a week you can drink 1 or 2…
  • I am a little late but I just saw the trailer. I thought it was a really great idea. Very interesting and yes, the people in it were real (SAD) people with real problems.
  • Oh, btw, its a natural gas stove/oven (in the US we had electric stoves). Is gas okay? Does it work the same? Sounds stupid…
  • Thaks for the tips everyone! Now what (beginner´s) recipes do you recommend? What´s your fave cracker?
  • Thank you all for sharing. I truly appreciate the support! I don´t have a dehygrator yet, it´s hard to find them here in Brazil. So I´m going to try out a home-made solar dehydrator and dehydrating in the oven. I read somewhere that I can leave the …
  • I´m new to gone raw and new to raw. So I need support! How about being able to send a private message to another member? thanx, Ale
  • AÇAI! #1 Superfood!