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  • I too know the frustration of this situation, My family loves to eat out it’s usually the only chance we have to get together in a group with my in laws, and my husband and his family are very very carnivorous so my opinion usually counts for little…
    in Birthdays and Parties Comment by kira
  • italics And to Our Lovely Hosts, Ray & Kandace- I hope your wedding day is wonderful, peaceful, everything you hope it to be. I wish you both the absolute best in your journey through life together Congrats!!!!
    in Hey guess what!!! Comment by kira
  • Wow! how exciting, this time of year is the best to be pregnant, you can nap in the hot day time and the baby will be a winter baby right? January (Capricorn like me) or February (Aquarius)? awesome!!!!
    in Hey guess what!!! Comment by kira
  • was going to ask the same thing I am assuming that the oven on the lowest setting or maybe if you have a warming drawer in your oven that may work, I remember when I was very young my mom used to make jerky in the oven- that’s dehydrated meat right?…
  • I have a few questions… looks like and from past experience I know that sugar and honey are wonderful for our skin but, once your vegan sugar is not so good- since it’s bleached through animal bones and honey is only good if you use raw vegan local …
    in Face moisturizer? Comment by kira