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  • I’m looking for the same kind of dentist in the Chicago area, any suggestions?
  • I signed it right away after I got email about it from HSUS.
    in PLEASE HELP!!!! Comment by Maria23
  • Signed it, thanks for letting me know about that!
  • 27! and soon I’ll be 28! – Boy, does the time fly or what?
    in How old are you? Comment by Maria23
  • B12 patch? – Where can i get that???
  • I must confess, I’m very much obsessed! For quite some time now thought I was, but still, it’s eye opening for me that obsession with healthy food is so common that there are books written about it! I have to reserve that book at my local library. …
    in Orthorexia Nervosa Comment by Maria23
  • Sergei Boutenko?
  • Yes, prunes are excellent! – a handful soaked overnight, don’t forget to drink soakwater, too! Soaked figs must be great also, they contain LOTS of fiber!
    in natural laxative Comment by Maria23
  • Yes, it’s 2 TEASPOONS of sea salt. Here is a link to read all about the Master Cleanse: http://www.healthandlight.com/TheMasterCleanse.pdf It is actually the original book about it in a pdf format.
  • Thank you Morning_theft and rawQatar. After I have been on a long master cleanse (which was 6 weeks ago) I changed my diet from vegetarian to almost 100% raw vegan. I do think that my diet is not balanced very well because usually I just eat a whole…
    in Testing Body pH Comment by Maria23
  • I am regularly testing my urine first thing in the morning and according to the scale I am way too alkaline!!!!!!!!!!!!! My test strip turns dark blue in color. I know being that alkaline is not healthy, so what can I eat or do to get this balanced …
    in Testing Body pH Comment by Maria23
  • And I thought that only I am having this problem.
    in Slow loading site? Comment by Maria23
  • Lately I have also started to research more about Ph balance and food combining especially after I read “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. Thanks for posting this link!
  • I see people have spoken and so black one it is. Thank you for your replies. I’m going to order mine right now!!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THOSE RECIPES WITH DEHYDRATOR!!!! Can’t wait to try them all!!!