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  • For the past year, I have been buying the coconuts by the case every three weeks. There are nine to a case. I store them in my natural walk in cooler (my garage) which is around 30 degrees this time of year. I figure by the time I pick these up at t…
  • I think you should post pics of your thighs so I can really help you…just kidding, sorta. If you can get your new skinny ass into an infrared sauna a couple of times a week for a couple of months, I think you will really like the results. Unlike reg…
    in Help my THIGHS Comment by tfacey
  • Okay… what are Victoria Sandwich Sponges?? Intreging!!
    in Wheatberries? Comment by tfacey
  • Oh yeah… I got me a lover!! No worries there. This stuff makes my skin feel fantastic! Now… I need recipes… who’s got recipes??
  • Thanks for the replies. I’ve used coconut oil for more of my heavier desserts…and I have tried chia seeds. What is iris moss and where do I get it? Does ground flax turn turn gooey? I’m trying to make some jelly for my almond cream…. and some sauces…
    in Thickening agents Comment by tfacey
  • “It is aslo recomended not to let too much of the metal touch the coconut water, nor the fleah.” Why is that?
  • I’ve been adding maca to just about everything these days. It hides nicely in my dips and cookies and spreads… oh and smoothies. oh and I got mine from amazon.
  • I find that too many tablespoons of flax in a smoothie ends up making it more like a pudding!! Also, you should be grinding your seeds or using milled flax for best absorption.
    in Flax in smoothies Comment by tfacey
  • I’ve been using the Navitas – I actually get it from Amazon.com, surprizingly.
  • For those of you who are dealing with greasy locks… I found the answer. Its a really nice and clean hair product called Hair Fix. I bought one off ebay over a year ago and the bottle is still half full. I just love it. When it has been a few days an…
  • I’m so happy to come across this topic. About 3 years ago, I stopped washing my hair. Rarely do I tell people that I dont poo but I haven’t pooed my hair since June of last year. Typically I get my hair cut twice a year and I will let them poo and c…