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  • mmmm, i mash up a banana and pour on almond butter mixed with raw honey (could use agave, if wanted)!!! YUM, oh my it’s good!
  • haha, thanks Debs60! :D
  • Oh my, that’s brilliant! I’ll send you an email now! :D
  • rolling herbs up in a damp cloth keeps them fresh for weeks! .. Just make sure you keep the cloth damp (:
  • http://www.dr-cow.com/about-us/ – Amazing! (:
  • Hi there! :) Pollution in fish is also sky high. Just go down the food chain and you will see that the fish get the omega 3 from algae. For exemple, check out E3 live. http://www.e3live.com/?kbid=1003 Good luck on your path!
  • Wow, thanks so much RawKidChef... I'll get my parents to try the wine thing!!... There addicted to balsamic vinegar!! :D
  • Horrayy! http://chooserawnotwar.blogspot.com/
  • Hello there! would you have access to a blender and food processor? If so, you could make a simple pumkin soup (im sure there are recipes on this site) or a pumkin pie, as pumkins are in season? I eat simply aswell, so me and my fam. are ordering a…
  • Thanks RawKidChef! Does anyone know if the company Dr-Cow ships internationally? (ie France or Uk?) Thanks! /
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by ajchanter
  • omg, yeah iv looked at that website before. mmmmmmm, the ‘cheeses’ look SO good!!! Do you know if they ship internationally? (i.e France or UK?) I’v sent them an email, but they havnt replyed yet. (: Thanks! Plus, is acidophilus (the thing they put …
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by ajchanter
  • yay! thank you so much guys! I feel honoured!!! blush :D
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by ajchanter
  • beautifully said! I’m in!! :)  
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by ajchanter
  • i totally agree – although i wish that in the article that they presenting the amount of waste eating meat / animal products are having.
    in Farmer in Chief Comment by ajchanter
  • Thank-you so much Meditating! your so kind! Yes, it does feel good! and i can’t wait till i write more! (: Have you got a blog?
  • It’s unbelievable what they went through and i really do feel for them.  
  • thanks for that! :) that was lovely!
  • totally agree! Im loving that quote! and here’s another quote i like: “all things lead to my success” I alwaysssss learn from things good/bad, and it turns out that most bad things end up good in the long-run/term. And i ussually am more polite, but…
    in Number one cause Comment by ajchanter
  • Hey, Springleaf! Thanks for the article! .. i didnt know that! :) Yeah, don’t actually think she knew what she was saying, which is why i think i got so annoyed! Yay, i agree vegi’s/vegans best for the planet! (: Thanks!!
    in Number one cause Comment by ajchanter
  • WailingWoman, im no expert, but i think that the China Study is based on pasterised, non-orgaic dairy and such. Although i don’t eat raw dairy myself, i have heard that there are some benifets of eating raw goeats cheese, for exemple. either way, ra…
  • Thats brilliant news, dodo!! :D
  • Hi there! Im sorry about how your feeling! acoarding to Mat Monach’s book ‘Raw Success’ all the ‘symptoms’ youve just listed all suggest you need a COLONIC. so yeah, i would suggest you look that up! :) good luck!
  • haha, good for you! Do they do it cuz they think its unhealthy??? there crazy! (in my opinion!)
  • I would concider yourself lucky!! theyre SOOOOOOOO adictive if you love them – which i do!!!!
  • I feel for you! its so horrible to be in that position, espeicially if they dont let you get a word in sideways. But i think you had a lot of pacience not to just shout at them!! Just continue to be a shining exemple of the RAW diet, and prove them …
  • hey roadrunner, thazs really intresting, and iv heard about that before somewhere too. I try to stop eating after 5 and find i feel soooooo much better when i magage to!! and where can i find out about quantum eating?
    in 1200 calories. Comment by ajchanter
  • Haha, thanks for that!! :D
  • Yup, sorry, British! (and have a british accent :) :) hehe, i hought the accent sound abit exagerated! lol!
    in Billiant Poet!!! Comment by ajchanter
  • Thank-you! (: Oh yes, i just found out recently that my name ‘Alma’ means raw in.. Portuguese, i think? Lol @ the video! Just curious… is that a real accent!? (im English btw, lol :) :D
    in Billiant Poet!!! Comment by ajchanter
  • Thanks for your time to watch the vids! Interesting thoughts. I like his accent too! On the link you gave, it just goes to a search list! How do i get to the vid? (:
    in Billiant Poet!!! Comment by ajchanter