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  • Since going raw, my periods have gone completely. I do high fruit, low fat, but I find when I eat more (raw) fat than usual, I get a very light period back. To my research, even if I don't bleed, I'm still ovulating, so It's fine! (sorry to e so gra…
  • hey there, I suggest you read this article: http://debbietookrawforlife.blogspot.com/ by Debbie Took, it0s very interesting... here are some extracts!: "So those who follow high-fruit diets, who have fruit in quantity, as 'meals', should have no pro…
  • lulushka8m, the fat content is not over a day, but is meseared over the YEAR (or to some, over the week/a few weeks). So you could have 2 avos a day when they are in season for about a week or 2 but then go without for a longer period. (:
  • yay! go fruit eaters! (; I'm following the 80/10/10 program and feeling better than ever!!! Great post!
  • make sure the fruit is ripe! This makes a HUGE difference! (:
  • I didn't say raw fats are bad. I just said not to worry about your fat % for now, as it will probably go down naturally in time :)
  • Hi Sultaria! Our diets can evolve, and almost certainly will as you stay longer and longer raw. Most probably, you will start to eat simpler and simpler. When I first went raw, I would never think I would not be eating oils or the gourmet raw stuff.…
  • Hey ladydaventry! For the Uk, have you tried Shazzie (shazzie.com). She is UK based and sells raw tahini in her store (http://www.detoxyourworld.com/). But you do have to order online. (:
  • wow!... that really does look nice!!
  • Oh wow! Thanks guys! mmmm, yay! And I have walnuts as well! :D Is there a way I could replace the shredded coconut?
  • Yay! *blush* Thank you! :D I'm glad your doing well!
  • Hello! I've just been doing a juice feast, and I've been writing what I drink on my blog! (: If you want, you can check out the juices I made!: http://chooserawnotwar.blogspot.com/ (:
  • hi here! Here is a German Raw site!: http://www.keimling.de/ I live in France, so I order of them too (much closer than UK or US!) You can buy the Via-mix of here with a European cord!! :D Hope this helps (:
  • I've got a vita-prep.... and I LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!! I use it every day!!!!!!!!
  • I am also a raw teenager. I am very fortunate that my parents have (eventually) come around and support my life style 100%. I notice the longer I am raw (it's been around a year now) the more I care less about what people think, although at first I…
  • That sounds great! (: Is there a way to make cashew butter without oil?
  • Mine is like that too! But I suppose that the picture size will go back to normal when the site is finished?
    in KANDACE!!HELP!! Comment by ajchanter
  • Ah, sorry.. I posted a comment but it disappeared!! I would suggest a colonic!? You would be surprised (and shocked!) to know how much goo and old stuff is stuck up your colon!!! I went for one around 2 weeks ago and I was SHOCKED at how much ancien…
  • Thanks for the insight! When you didn't eat stuff that others made, did they mind? Yeah, I think I will just bring a simple dish to share, instead of doing an elaborate raw dish, that even I feel uncomfortable to eat! Thanks!
  • Yeah, thats what I plan to do next time! Although, I don't know... I don't want to sound... picky. But that is one of my faults. I care to much about what people think. I am a very self-concious person. Thanks!
  • Hi! pianissima (: Thanks for replying! ... I'm on the border near Geneva, Switzerland - in Ferney Voltaire. Yeah, I agree about the water thing.. It's just easier said than done!!! :D http://chooserawnotwar.blogspot.com/
  • Thanks for your replies!! Yes RawKidChef, I always bring my own dish… but I guess that people would just think I’m too picky or something and get hurt I’m not eating their food!? Ahh, I guess I’m just too self-conscious!!!! tjab… Really? Maybe it…
  • Thanks for your replies!! Yes RawKidChef, I always bring my own dish… but I guess that people would just think I’m too picky or something and get hurt I’m not eating their food!? Ahh, I guess I’m just too self-conscious!!!! tjab… Really? Maybe it’s …
  • Yes it certainly can!! Check out: http://store.rawreform.com/rawreform2.php
    in Skin Concerns... Comment by ajchanter
  • Haha, dw.. I went vegan and then raw overnight too. :) Hmmm, I think that you should really experiment and see what works best for you. What (fresh, raw) foods attract you? Eat them. Your so lucky avocados are cheap!!! They are so expensive over he…
  • Hi there Fairy! I’m a 15 year old Raw Vegan! I’ve been Raw for about a year (since I was 14) To be honest, in my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend diving head first into Fruitarianism. Especially if you haven’t first covered the base of Raw vegan. :) …
  • dogsuponhotcats, I totally agree! Like, a burger costs pennies and uses up gallons of oil, while an organic apple costs more!!! Crazy!!!
  • Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! (:
    in OBAMA WON!!!!! Comment by ajchanter
  • Maybe raw (water/salt cured) olives would help? Yeah, nuts are very good at putting weight on! sigh (: Maybe you could also try superfoods? I’ve heard they are good at restoring someone’s natural weight. Good luck!
  • Yay, oh good. I don’t feel bad after reading your post as I don’t eat dates or cashews! Mostly because I can’t get truly raw cashews without ordering of the internet… what a pain! Yeah, but I had also heard that they had something bad in them, but I…