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  • RawDance, this is a great topic. I don’t particularily like dehydrating food, so I don’t own a dehydrator. I live in Toronto, Canada and most of the time the weather here isn’t sufficient for drying naturally. I also live in an apartment building an…
  • Thanks everyone! Waterbaby-I can’t really sun dry alot of things because I live in an apartment building and don’t exactly have the surface/proper sunlight for that, unfortunately. Thanks though! TheRawDance, I suppose we are in the same boat then! …
  • hey, good for you for going to try it! don’t be nervous at all. i’ve been doing bikram/hot yoga for years and i couldn’t be without it if i tried. hot yoga is incredible in comparison to any other type of yoga. enjoy and let us know what you think!
  • hey everyone. i’m 21 and have had severe cystic acne for 9 years among other health conditions. i’ve tried absolutely everything and i’m ready to give up hope. i can barely look at myself in the mirror, so i avoid them at all costs. i have no self e…
    in Healing acne Comment by bronwyn
  • congratulations angie! sounds like it went so well!
  • Hey everyone. I’m living in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Melbourne, Australia.