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  • hi putiger78, Funny how you mention that. I've been experiencing similar problems here too. I've been drinking green juices regularly, and I love my green juices (i never stick to a certain recipe, i just do whatever I have around) and how it makes …
  • Thanks for all the responses, I've been away and didn't have time to get online to read them. Joannabanana-- Thanks for the info about the food diary, I think I'm going to give it a try. I don't exercise as much lately, but I'm always very very acti…
    in I need a push Comment by LuluRaw
  • hi Strong and Raw-- just out of curiosity... are you still eating 2200-2800 calories a day now? do you count count how much fat you're eating (like what's the % of fat you're eating a day)? I've been eating around 1500 calories a day too ( almost al…
  • you guys are awesome!! Thanks for all the fabulous advices, they're all really helpful. I usually drink lemon water in the morning already and now I'm going to try the apple cider thing. I hope I didn't mess up my system too much that I can still fi…
    in digestion issues Comment by LuluRaw
  • I've been seeing and hearing people talk about "Food combining".... what is that exactly? is there a chart for that? or a book i can read that explain more about it? I'm new to raw too and I've recovering from eating disorder as well... I'm going th…
    in digestion issues Comment by LuluRaw
  • wichten-- thanks for posting your experiment and sharing it with us? I'm just wondering, how are you feeling so far after 7 days? Is it easy on your stomach eating this way? how's your energy level? any weight changes?