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  • Actually most fruits not all, check out raisins they're very high GI load. I east mostly apples, oranges, banana and pineapples and they're all very low. So ya go nuts on the fruit.
  • All fruits carry a very low GI load, here is a good website to check. Same with lentils they're very low GI load plus they're my favorite bean!! Banana (might default to 1 cup mashed, just use the drop down to select a medium or large sized banana) …
  • I usually eat later in the evening around 8-9 some nights, I don't get all the hype about eating before you go to bed. I honestly think people are told that because they have bad eating habits in the first place and when they do eat before bed it's …
  • Oh I'm gonna try that recipe but with sprouted lentils instead of chickpeas, I'll let you know how it turns out. I hope these lentils sprout soon it's been 2 days. I think I am starting to see some little tails.
  • Oh man thanks, I had been trying to sprout and nothing was happening and now I know I was doing it wrong!!
    in How to sprout? Comment by spitfiredd
  • When I first started eat a high raw diet I noticed that I got alot of gas, I was kind of worried about hanging with girls cause the farts were really really smelly. However it seems to have stabilised here lately (like you i've been high raw for abo…
  • Hey man I'm kind of like you, although I'll typically eat twice a day. I've been like this all my life I just can't eat every 3-5 hours like I would if I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also eat very quickly too, and we also have very a similar b…
    in One Meal A Day Comment by spitfiredd
  • I could never drink coffee I just didn't like the taste, however the smell of coffee man I LOVE the smell of it. I guess my nose and tongue just have to agree to disagree...
    in COFFEE Comment by spitfiredd
  • Today in total I've eaten 15 banana's 1 smoothie with banana, kale, mustard greens, an apple and some hemp protein powder(enough to yeild a full mason jar of smoothie) 7 dates 1 cup worth of rasins a sorbet i made last night for today with 2 apples …
  • Cold weather, get an under armor cold gear shirt a tight fitting fleece jacket with a hood and some warm running gloves. You'll be very warm.
    in Jogging tips Comment by spitfiredd
  • Also I remember reading something a few years ago about a professional marathon runner and how he trained and he said that some days he would go out for a run and just not "feel" it and then stop and go home. It's definitely something to try because…
    in Jogging tips Comment by spitfiredd
  • rawmamanibbles this is just me but I usually when I exercise (yoga, running, hiking, whatever) I find I perform my best when I haven't eaten anything in the last 2-4 hours. But like someone said digesting food of all kinds does take energy, that you…
    in Jogging tips Comment by spitfiredd
  • I have rarely if ever shampooed my hair. I think in the last 15 years you could count on one hand how many times I've put shampoo in my hair. It always seemed to make my hair poofy and dry and I didn't really like the way it felt. rawrealgreen: you …
  • Why don't you give them away to friends or homeless people? Whats with this desire to horde and not share with other's the fruits of life... Give it away you'll have more next year...
    in Peaches Comment by spitfiredd