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  • Pumpkin/Squash seeds are actually raw and not steamed or anything like about 90% of what is sold in the stores (even if it does say that they are raw).
  • Fermented foods are not raw they're rotten....
  • What else are you eating besides grapes? Grapes are mostly water are you eating other foods with alot of salt/sodium? Sodium helps/causes us to retain water and water weighs alot. Other than that if you weigh yourself everyday you shouldn't have a w…
    in fruits Comment by spitfiredd
  • Oh but to answer you question probably banana's because they are more calorie dense, plus I mean I would go broke eating grapes all the time...
  • I don't know what's with the scare or fructose, fructose from fruits in whole form with all the fiber/fat/protein and vitamin/minerals is completely different from the fructose in HFCS. This fruit scare is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard i…
  • If you search around, get to know people, buy the ripe fruit that supermarkets throw away because it doesn't "look" pretty anymore and grow your own things like tomatoes and cucumbers (easily grow them around the house); then you can do 801010 for v…
    in 801010 plunge Comment by spitfiredd
  • I know its crazy, they throw banana's away when they start to brown on the outside. That's usually what I like to start eating them because the starches in banana's will have broken down and they're easier to digest. Plus they're sweeter!!! And for …
  • You know at $500 ++ how much more better can something get??
  • They gel up when you add water to them so you can make some jello type stuff with them, I need to do some experimenting because I just got some too.
  • Since everyone is throwing quotes around I'll add one of my own. This is from the french Philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. I were asked to answer the following question: What is slavery ? and I should answer in one word, It is murder, my meaning w…
  • I find that people who are "experts" and in the media are typical your narcissists anyways. I also feel there are alot of people who want to become vegan/vegetarian mainly to lose weight, I think thats total crap vegan/vegetarian is a lifestyle not …
  • People have thought I was weird my whole life so that's not an issue for me.
  • I second the Raw Uncookbook the first section has all the tools that you need and goes over basic foods. Some of the recipes can be difficult/call for a lot of ingredients but if you don't have them you either substitute them of you find out that ov…
    in Cookbooks Comment by spitfiredd
  • http://www.facebook.com/editpicture.php?success=1#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=624088354 Add me if you like, you can join the "It's true, I don't have cable TV" group with me and we can e the only ones in there!!
  • Ya they're in the pine cone, if you take the cone and chip away at it till you find a pod the pine nut it's in that pod. You crack the pod with a nut cracker.
    in Foraging Comment by spitfiredd
  • Also I grew up in Charlottesville, VA and I remember digging up sasafras root and chew on it. It a good spice to add to a chia tea or pumpkin pie since it smells similar to nutmeg so it's good in some dessert type dishes.
    in Foraging Comment by spitfiredd
  • You can easily forage green onions from your backyard I've never understood why people buy them at the grocery store when they grow like crazy. There's alot of Pine in NC so pine nuts shouldn't be a problem either.
    in Foraging Comment by spitfiredd
  • I would say I have more energy now eating more raw types of foods. I used to think that I was in my best shape when I was in my early 20's but now my endurance has skyrocketed it's insane. There are a few all vegan athletes out there check out http:…
  • If weight loss is not of utmost importance I would just enjoy what you are eating and give it some time because everyone's body adjusts differently. Question though are you still eating dairy? I remember when I went from vegetarian to vegan a few ye…
    in No weight loss? Comment by spitfiredd
  • Whats the difference in all the kinds of dates? There's Medjool, Halawi, Deglet Noor, regular pitted dates and Zahidi (there might be a few other's). Is anyone type preferred in making snake types foods like fruit and nut bars and some of the elegan…
    in Dates? Comment by spitfiredd
  • durianrider how do you do your b12 injections? Do you go to a clinic and get them or do you them yourself? If you do what brand do you use? What frequency do you get the injections?
  • If you're on a budget I got this one thing that's kinda like a skin peeler and it makes spaghetti type noodles I picked it up at cooking store for about 5-7 bucks.
  • Check Ani Phyo's youtube site or her dessert book (you don't have to buy it you can just read it at Barnes and Noble), I was watching her site during lunch and she made a chocolate icing for a a raspberry truffle cake. I am guessing that to make thi…
  • Italian dressing is just basically oil and vinegar with spices so Base: 3:1 Ratio of Oil to vinegar You can get braggs raw vinegar Spices: Minced Garlic Basil Oregano Parsely Some Crushed Red pepper Rosemary Tyme
  • I just get spices, they taste just like the organic kind to me. I am picky about some things having to be organic but spices I am lenient with.
  • Who is your friend does she have any work that is available for others to see?
    in Art Comment by spitfiredd
  • I just read this article it's very interesting: http://www.straight.com/article-178511/more-active-means-more-creative But it kind of makes a lot sense, heck even when I was working through some complex differential equation I would usually "get it"…
    in Art Comment by spitfiredd
  • I am thinking plain old drawing and photoshop as my medium, I really like sci-fi/fastasy art and I just started getting to reading comic books and there is some art and stories in that medium that is simply awesome. I signed up for some into to draw…
    in Art Comment by spitfiredd
  • I signed up for some into drawing classes! Stuff I really like comic book art and some digital sci-fi art, I also love futuristic car and motorcycle designs too. I also like looking at some really abstract art too anything that has no real discernib…
    in Art Comment by spitfiredd
  • I've always went to bed when I was tired and woken when I was rested, i've never been someone with very regular sleeping patterns. So it's kind of hard to really judge if I am sleeping alot less. I do know most nights I will stay up late (around 1-2…