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Joëy Phi
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  • Sorry for the late reply, been traveling nonstop and forgot about this post... durianrider your comment was rather ignorant, so I won't take offense. Ayahuasca is a medicine here in South America, in various countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia…
  • Pure food & wine in NYC is THE BEST!!!! Also, Cru in L.A isnt bad and theres another good one in Santa Monica but I forget the name...
  • I once read somewhere that if you sprout buckwheat too long it becomes toxic. Not sure if that's 100% true though... But from what I read, the stem shouldn't be longer than the grain. Also, if you don't rinse it well enough twice a day and leave it …
  • AVL, While I think Crudessence is good for people who recently converted to raw (or have an interest in it) it surely doesn't compare to the recipes I make! If you've been experimenting with a more gourmet style of raw cuisine, you might be disappio…
  • Oh too bad, we would've been close! I'm in Lachine. How's Toronto from a rawist point of view? Do you guys have a raw restaurant?
  • I'm also from Montreal. West Island to be precise. :)
  • My mother also has fibromyalgia and it kills me to see her in so much pain. She barely sleeps 3 hours a night and sometimes has to stay in bed for days! Thanks for all the tips and info, please let me know about your progress and discoveries about f…
    in fibromyalgia Comment by Joëy Phi