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  • I have been 100% for awhile, but lately cravings for cooked grains have randomly arisen… I am in as well!
  • My cafeteria is the standard disgusting, everything cooked and meaty all-American style establushment. I have it worked-out with the cafeteria supervisors to actually buy vegetables and fruit per pound (as salad bar items) in bulk from the school’s …
  • I work out pretty vigorously everyday… it is my ultimate stress reliever! I am a competitive tri-athlete, so I do long morning swims, weight training every other day, daily runs (about eight to twelve miles) and as much serious ab work as possible. …
  • Thank you everyone for your great suggestions! Willmize, I think I will try that salt water cleanse this weekend. How often can one so such a cleanse? Weekly, monthly, whenever necessary? Keep those responses coming! I am very curious about what met…
  • Thank you so far for the suggestions. Are there any “home remedy” type intestinal/bowel cleases that people out there find particularly powerful and helpful? About how long do these take and what are is the extent of their effect? I really want to g…
  • I have been entirely raw for the past several months… the only non-raw item I consume is herbal and/or greeen tea. I just get so darn cold sometimes!
  • I agree that being classified as a “raw foodist” is just as much about one’s health and personal wellness goals as it is about the type and quantity of raw foods consumed. If I had to calculate a percentage label for myself, I suppose I would be 99%…
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  • I am also a Christian, and whenever anyone questions my raw-vegan diet, I simply relpy that it is my way of caring for the temple with which God blessed me. It is truly wonderful that others are also “giving credit where credit is due,” as it is ult…