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  • I don't know about "must do"s but my experience with garlic oil on a wound that would not heal has been amazing. Crush 2 cloves of raw garlic and mix with olive oil. Let sit for about half and hour and steep some gauze in the oil and apply to the wo…
  • I go to a Chinese herbalist who more than likely includes the "adotoptogenic herbs" in the tonics. He does mention some of the things powerlifer talked about- such as toxicity in the liver and adrenal imbalances. If buying the herbs are not an optio…
  • Have u started juicing yet? I'm not totally raw but juicing helped my eczema so so much. Personally i think 80/10/10 may not be the best b/c your skin really needs the fats and help prevent it from further drying out I used to have a lot of trouble …
  • If you follow Traditional Chinese Medicine's way of thinking, durian is most definitely a "hot food," in fact, one of the hottest out there. Won't kill ya, but may trigger sore throats, acne, depending on what the rest of your diet is like. moderati…
  • The only time I've noticed any bitterness is when I don't wait for them to soften long enough, but rinsing should do the trick if you're really sensitive to that taste =)
    in KELP NOODLES!! Comment by Nyahz
  • Hi Drea, try putting your sauce/dressing on the noodles and leaving them to absorb for ~ 45 min and they should be soft. I think it's the acid in the sauce that does the trick!
    in KELP NOODLES!! Comment by Nyahz
  • I've used Neem creams and Neem Seed oil for skin and didn't find them too effective, altho on the plus side, I didn't react to it like other creams, etc. It definitely has a NASTY smell, "a mix of peanut butter and onions, with undertones of cat vom…
    in Anyone use Neem? Comment by Nyahz
  • that's really awesome to hear! Struggling to eat raw right now when it's 20 degrees out, but other people's success stories def help provide motivation
    in eczema! Comment by Nyahz
  • Juicing has been a help to me too- I used to do carrots but now mostly green juices. My eczema has been horrible for the last few years- but so far this diet/lifestyle has shown improvements in my skin. Need all the help I can get this cold winter! …
    in eczema! Comment by Nyahz
  • Spinach or Romaine for me! My disasters have included watercress/arugula/mustard greens-thought it was kale @ the grocery =( BLERGH!!!
  • The only time I put bananas in my juicer is to make ice cream! if you "juice" frozen bananas (I have an omega) with the blank attachment you get an awesome soft serve =)
  • Fasting can be a really great thing to give your digestive system a rest and if you can handle it, power to you, but DUDE, do you swallow your food whole or something?!? to eat all that in under 20 minutes? Not that I've timed myself, but I think to…
    in One Meal A Day Comment by Nyahz
  • @fanatic, I get mung/adzuki beans at the asian grocery, pretty cheap, but not organic. Organic green peas I've bought from 2 places online & so far Amazon.com seems to have the best price I've found so far on organic sprouting peas ~ $6 per lb i…
  • The first time I had raw chickpea hummus I thought I was in heaven. 3 hours later..I was in so much pain from the GAS....haven't touched sprouted chickpeas ever since. If you do want to try it out, in "Living Cuisine,"Renee Underkoffler suggests you…
  • I've brewed Kombucha, it's pretty simple, cheap, but I could never get consistent batches. If you make your own, never ever abandon it....or the fruit flies will invade! Does anyone have any experience with brewing Kefir? That's something I'd like t…
    in Fermented?? Comment by Nyahz
  • That's a pretty great price! The cheapest I've been able to get is $1.50 each in the asian markets near me. Here is the only online source I've ever found: http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/organic_green_coconuts.html but WAY too expensive for m…
  • LOL, @the59sound, so true (re: brian clement)! I personally love fruit, but I do think excessive sugar from all the bananas may be hindering fonky's weight loss. Although I would LOVE to be able to get fresh papaya all the time =D
  • Kazzie that sounds like a plan. It's good to hear that this thread was able to help you keep on track! =D altho I think Nov should be an easier starting point might as well get myself motivated so here goes: 1/2 a donut Cucumber/celery juice, Cantal…
  • I second that, ianpenk! Just finally joined goneraw.com after going on this site on and off for months...I did 3 weeks raw earlier this year but fell off the wagon and would love to have some company to get healthier again =)
  • brownie, wish i got the coupon too! maybe my order wasn't big enough. these almonds were pretty tasty, for delivery, the price is right!
    in Almonds??? Comment by Nyahz
  • brownie, can you let us know how those almonds are? I actually just ordered from that same site after seeing it on a different member's post, prolly won't receive until next week. thx!
    in Almonds??? Comment by Nyahz
  • luxdixon, I totally feel your frustration. The reason I started exploring raw foods is because of my eczema. I've also had patches of psoriasis in the past. I've tried many of the suggestions people have posted here, some of the ones you've tried: k…
    in My mom has psoriasis Comment by Nyahz
  • I was thinking of buying one too, but the reviews on Amazon were so mixed Supposedly th e manufacturer changed the materials? Ended up buying a Benriner Spiral Slicer, $30 new via craigslist today! I'm excited to test it out
  • Candle 79 is pretty good-really interesting and inventive menu. Their servers and bartenders are really knowledgeable (and good looking too =p) but definitely be prepared to spend. I found the portions slightly small, and I'm not one to really load …
  • Hey Noelle, Here is Matt Kenney's recipe. I've never made it yet but if you do, please do post an update on how it turns out!! 1 c. soaked cashews, drained 1/2 c. young thai coconut meat 1/2 c. raw carageenan (irish moss soaked to removed salt and b…
  • cami, do you mean fennel bulbs or the seeds that help with gas?
  • broccoli & cauliflower are 2 things I could never understand how anyone could eat raw. I find it just has such an unpleasant texture and taste, not to mention the awesome GAS ATTACK afterwards =P