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  • For the natural process that has brought us to this point over billions of years of natural selection. Thank Darwin for opening my eyes to the sublime natural world that produces the abundance of Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds which is what sust…
    in praise the lord Comment by nsrising
  • Welcome, you picked the right site. Lots od support. Lots of great recipes and lots of advice.
    in Hello from UK (2) Comment by nsrising
  • Personally, my favorite is here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=l3ZFv5rhdVs
  • At Raw Food Magazine online, I came across an article, there is a note at the bottom that reads: Note: This page is made available to you courtesy of Raw Foods News Magazine, an online newsmagazine celebrating the live and raw vegan lifestyle. Visit…
  • Welcome and enjoy. This is a great place.
  • You’ve made the right move coming to this site. Everyone here is supportive and knowledgeable. My transition is going smoothly, I am sure yours will too. Good luck.
    in New to site Comment by nsrising
  • My cravings are a constant battle, which is rather dangerous for me because of my diabetes. I’m going to try the green smoothies, and I think I’ll carry around some carrot sticks with me for an instant snack. The 12 step book is on my list. In fact …
  • Raw does automatically equal low-fat. Nuts, avocado, coconut oil, Olive oil. Don’t cut them out, but limit them. I never eat a nut dish and an avocado dish in the same day anymore. I too had a weight problem when I started my Vegan and now Raw diet.…
  • On their web site I found this article: USDA Grants help provide schools with Grāpple® brand apples! USDA Grants help provide schools with Grāpple® brand apples! Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program a huge hit! “I ate it all, even the core!” boasted Pe…
  • And here’s one from me… RAW NATURE by Herb Ragan Degradation hits my soul like a rocket. Deep within the walking corpse of eternity, the smiles, the cries, life continues, but what life. Mindless drones of consumption, of mind, of body. Flickers of …
    in Raw Poems? Comment by nsrising
  • Check out this web site: http://www.rawpoet.com/index.php
    in Raw Poems? Comment by nsrising
  • azuraskai thanks for the info on back pain. I am arthritic in my neck and spine (it sucks getting old). Will be implementing your suggestions in my diet.
  • Working on my diabetes through the raw diet. I am insulin dependent and have to take insulin when my sugar is high (pretty much all the time). I have been noticing a big differnce with the raw diet, My sugar levels are down (but still high), and I a…
  • Sounds good. When I get a juicer I will try it. I’ve been drinking a lot of green smoothies, although I am going to cut back on the high glycemic fruits like bananas for a while. Dates and rasins also spike my numbers. A little research on the glyce…
  • Wow, thank you all so very much. I have a lot to think about and plan (first thing is to get some flax seeds).
  • Thanks for the advice. Bananas will be a tough give up, but once the sugar goes down I am convinced the raw diet will reverse diabetes.
  • Whole foods and Trader Joe’s are both great. I shop both places frequently here in San Diego. I also go to a place called Ranchos, a health food store that is pure vegan and supports the raw food movement with a tremendous ammount of products and a …
    in Hello everyone! Comment by nsrising
  • I come down on the side of no regulation. As adults we should be able to make adult decisions without big brother patting us on the head, saying “there, there, we know what’s best for you.” That leads to Vioxx and Avandia
  • I know I’m a little late to this post, but Mazel Tov!
    in Hey guess what!!! Comment by nsrising
  • I never liked them before, but lately I have been enjoying strawberries in my smoothies.
  • I have a similar problem at work, there is always jokes for my behalf about my mostly vegan lifestyle (I have back-slid) from time to time, and now with the raw diet. I have been sick a very long time and have moved to vaganism and now raw food to t…
  • Buy a Mac computer, when your looking up all the resources about raw food, you don’t want your computer to crash
  • I’ve been noticing recently that I have been getting the shakes. I have a brief bout and then it stops. I have also been breaking out in a sweat. Not sure if thats the detox or my insulin.
  • As a spiritual humanist, it sounds to me that food tasting better in any way after a person prays over it is more psychological than anything resembling actual reality. But as a great man once said “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” As for myself…