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  • Very much, agreed, greenghost. Good thing we are out in the sun… or should be. True about the pH level… I forgot to mention that. peace.
  • For those who do not know how this works: The body NEEDS nutrients. It NEEDS calcium. Now, if it is not getting enough calcium from food, it takes calcium out of the bones. God designed our bodies, in such a brilliant way that our body sees it more …
  • um…... I imagine it means you are weak??? No, I do not get them. Could be you do not take enough water, are constipated, possibly. Most likely you might not be getting enough protein or you are detoxifying (muscles can be weak at times then). What d…
    in Muscle Twitches Comment by shgadwa
  • AWESOME! Kazoo IS an instrument, though very basic…. I do not have one. It is neat though. Keep up the music ;).
  • Yes…....... Very interesting. Thanks, ya’ll! I am not that good on piano either… though I can play a few chords.
  • Not that everyone else has to like what I like….. Just it would be interesting to hear ya’lls.
  • thank you rawperasinger. I never cared for opera. However, some do care for it. It would be neat to hear about all the different people here. NOTE: Being different is wonderful, generally. People too often try to be just like each other. When, they …
  • A five gallon bucket of flax seeds eaten in one sitting…. is too much. Hope that helps.
  • The only tomatoes I have currently are cooked or green, from the Garden. The garlic, sunflower one sounds neat…. I saw one that called for parsley and lemon juice, I only have dried parsley…
  • Interesting thread… Interesting point, Kandace! Never thought much about that but, it is helpful. I would say that organic is better than local, not organic. ESPECIALLY if the locals use lots of chemicals… you are then supporting chemicals. But I ne…
    in local or organic? Comment by shgadwa
  • Yeah.. probably so…. To those that might be possibly nashing their teeth at me… I have not been on goneraw in about a week or so…. And not to get off topic but seems like troubles are generally just a bubble, it depends on what kind of trouble, I gu…
  • What about date sugar?? I think its dried dates… I never used it… but is that ‘good?’
  • I dont know… maybe it does not matter although I recently found out that processed honey is just as bad as sugar…...? Because tis heated and processed. Many also think they have raw honey when raw honey…is not brown, its tan. So, they have cooked. I…
  • http://www.chateau-z.com/wildgrapes.html There is the Link Yeah, they are also called fox grapes…they are a little sour but taste great as juice and its VERY good for you. They are not ripe here though, still green. The leaves can be eaten in the sp…
    in Raw Wild Grapes??? Comment by shgadwa
  • I am soon to do a video on it and post it on youtube. They are wild grapes and they grow I think mainly in the eastern part of the US but it basically grows everywhere…. They are smaller and yes they have seeds but it is not concord…those are not wi…
    in Raw Wild Grapes??? Comment by shgadwa
  • I understand pulse…... I understand. No, I am not (meaning NOT) wise. Far from it. Far from it. Very far from it. I do not have that much wisdom. Anyone can have knowledge, but wisdom takes more time a dedication, to get. Or at least, that is what I…
  • Yes…Wine is best. Has anyone heard of Dandelion wine??? You can make it yourself, no idea how yet. I believe you use the yellow flowers. You can also make wild grape wine.
  • I said I was not going to discuss it, here…..but I jsut breifly mentioned what the bible said. I know that we are talking about two or three beers…not overboard…that is good. Personally, raw veganism CAN become a religion…that is to say, people are …
  • Right on heyenglish. Just, DO NOT drink too much. I read that a couple ounces is medicinal…..any type of alcohol is bad for any type of person.
  • Besides Alcohol being in the bible countless times saying not to drink too much (we will not talk about that here)..... It is VERY unhealthy and if anyone wants to go get drunk, I do not understand why they do not eat meat…its probably just as bad. …
  • Also, like AKAAuburnEyes said, greenstar, green life, green power, those juice wheatgrass and greens MUCH better.
  • From my studying….seems like green power, green life and such are really the best….it gets lots of juice, and they claim that because it is low RPMs, the juice is better for you, lasts longer and it also is magnetic so that it helps do something to …
  • They are supposed to taste better! I never had them though…what do you think rawcourt?
  • As I recently found out…to change the title, move the mouse cursor over the title and then click on edit.
  • Well, I just noticed that you recently joined GoneRaw….WELCOME! Also, I have been and will be praying for you, whatever that means to you, I do not know. You really look like you need a touch from the Lord and he is faithful. My heart pours out to y…
  • slew???? As long as the slew is raw…... Slew sounds too much like stew.
  • I have studied intensively on health and nutrition but I have no knowledge about your problem… I am SURE the incurables program would help. For someone like you, it looks like you NEED Superfood and lots of juices. Also, you can go to www.herbdoc.co…
  • Hello There! Good for you! Go to www.herbdoc.com and order his five day bowel Detox. That is the best thing to do before starting a raw food program. it will CLEAN YOU OUT. He also has other formulas…his super food is great. He has a cayenne tinctur…
  • Thank you! Its very small right now but I plan to be talking about my beliefs….and what Jesus has done for me. I will be posting songs. I will also be posting A LOT about raw food, health and wild edible plants as I have studied a lot on that.
    in I'm on youtube! Comment by shgadwa