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  • I love my Green Smoothies too! Lately been keeping it simple with ground flax, banana, any other fruit (usually berries), and dark leafy greens.
  • The book Juicing for Life by Calbom and Keane is categorized by illnesses/diseases, and recommends specific juices for each. They also break down which vegetables/fruits contain beneficial vitamins for each condition. It's the only juicing book I've…
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  • I haven’t made too many yet, but I find myself craving Kandace’s cheezy nori snacks!
  • Nutritive Tea from Winter Sun Trading Co. is delicious! I like chamomile at night, and sometimes a cup of green for a pre-workout boost.
  • you can make delicious kimchi! eat a small amount each day to aid in digestion. www.wildfermentation.com. i’ve tried it raw in salads and didn’t really care for the flavor of the stalks.
  • I’ve been loving steamed eggplant and broccoli with olive oil and tomato sauce… and lentil casserole.
  • I teach independent living skills to folks on the autism spectrum.
  • This is such a sweet thread! My quick story: I went no-poo for three months this summer, and it was pretty tough to beat the grease. So now I’ve been pooing about once a week, but after reading this I’m giving it another shot- lemon juice will be my…