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  • That’s kind of a relief, I thought I was the only one who noticed a “pine” tasting element in mangoes. I don’t notice it in fresh, however. Only when I blend frozen mangoes into smoothies.
    in Mango help Comment by redflag
  • I have a magic bullet, in addition to a full size fp, coffee grinder, and blender. I LOVE my bullet! Same reasons as everyone else, I guess; minimal space and cleanup. I use it for dressings, dips, smoothies. Even with the other equipment I have, th…
    in Bullet Blender Comment by redflag
  • http://www.adventuresinrawfood.com/raw-carrot-c… I’ve made these a couple of times, not bad.
  • sun: aries, moon: i don’t know
  • I come from a background of disordered eating, so I have set myself up with an eating schedule. I’m trying to learn how to listen to my body, but for now, I eat at set times, 5 times throughout the day. That helps prevent me from both over and under…
  • Hi there, I also struggle with eating and body image issues. The eating issues are largely why I turned to raw several months ago. I’ve found that just being (mostly) raw helps tremendously, but is definitely no surefire thing. I know everyone is di…
    in I'm falling... Comment by redflag
  • I’ve been trolling this website for months, but just now joined up to respond to this post. I co-own and operate a pizza place in a college town. Yes, I cook pizza seven days a week. We’ve been open for about three years, and I’ve been raw for the p…
    in 24 hour bakery Comment by redflag